Fed up of continuous pain

Chronic IBS and survere pain. Has anyone had any good results from taking Symprove Probiotics. Also where can I buy it from. I'm feeling pretty desperate, and I want to give everything a try. If anyone got any other suggestions I would. be grateful. All of you sufferers Take Care.

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  • I have been using Symprove for 6 weeks and it hasn't helped me at all. I'm so disappointed

  • I used it for three months and it did not help me either. As Binks says - we are all different.

  • I started using Symprove a couple of years ago and I helped me a lot at the time. I used it for 6 months, then found I didn't get the benefit I had at first so stopped using it. I recently had to take a 3 month course of antibiotics and so went back on the Symprove . I would recommend it - but everyone is different. If the cause of your IBS is malfermentation then it may help, but as IBS can be exacerbated by a variety of causes, one product won't fit all. Good luck.

  • Thanks for the replys, I had read that Kings Cross University Hostpital had found that , Symprove and VSL3 were the best probiotics,so I just wanted some feed back on them. I've also been recommended Apple Cider Vinegar, has anyone tried that.

  • I started taking Symprove after I read the King's College study. Then I read John Hunter's "Irritable Bowel Solutions" which explained a lot about IBS causes and made sense to me. I hear a lot about the vinegar but I'm not sure what the thinking is behind it. I'm one of those who needs to understand why things might work.

  • Me too!

  • Have you tried food intolerance tests to see if anything in particular affects you ?

  • I've tried the Fodmap diet, and it didn't make the slightest bit of difference,so I could not put my finger on any triggers. My Gp told me food intoleranse tests were a waste of money because they can't really tell to what extent the intoleranse is. It's a bit different with an allergy.

  • I take VSL3 - find it helpful but also have cut out gluten, most dairy, take oxypowder for colon cleanse and Colpermin peppermint capsules - Dr Jensen's Guide to Better Bowel Care also helped me - although it's all very individual - I also have regular colonics and see nutritionist but can't get help from NHS - so pay privately

  • Hello, I took Symprove for 3 months and then half dose for another 3 months, didnt 'cure' my IBS but certainly improved it and I got it under control and to a routine of 4 days constipation 3 days diorrhoea, but i couldnt afford to keep buying it so came off it but still kept control. I've also just put - a bit of a long winded - post on as I've recently come off Omeprazole i was taking for a hiatus hernia and i feel brilliant! I have also found out that I'm aneamic and this can sometimes affect IBS. So it may be worth having your iron & ferritin levels checked - I never realised these were not tested as part of a general blood test. Everyone with IBS is so different and affected by different things.

  • Hi copper top, yes I've just read your post, firstly I'd just like to say boy you sound as though you've had it rough probley due to GPs,consultants and such. But I can't really say to much about them as they've saved my life twice, and we can't really expect them to know everything, but it would help if the right hand knew what the left was doing,if you get my meaning. I wish I could be of some help to you but I don't know much about That particular medication (that I can't Spell) your talking about. I was offered it in place of Tramadol but I refused both as I'm on such a lot of meds anyway. It's funny you should mention Ferrittin,Iron, and vitamin D, as Ive got someone Im talking to on the thyroid forum who keeps telling me to get them tested because they could be a cause of IBS as I have an Underactive Thyroid. Trying to get them blood tests done is a nightmare. Anyway my post has gone on as long as yours due to my rant, so I'll just ask you a question then I'll go. Where do you get Symprove from and how much is it ? I wish you lots of luck, and hope someone can answer your problem. Big Hug from me

  • Hello, I think I'm one of the lucky ones when i read posts on here, theres some who are really suffering everyday, but thanks for your hug and luck :-) I got my Symprove from 2 places, bodykind and Nirvana health, they both take it in turns to have offers on. Its usually around £18 a bottle but the more you buy the cheaper it is. Depends upon your weight how much you have to take think it was 1ml per 1kg of weight for 3 month and then 1ml per 2kg of weight as a maintenance dose - I weigh 13 stone (82Kg) and on the maintenance dose a bottle lasted me about a week - which is why i couldnt afford to keep it up. Theres mixed results with it but it definately improved my symptoms. As for the iron & ferritin levels no one was interested until i went and complained of a sore mouth - which wasnt even bothering me that much! So it may be worth telling a little white lie and saying your mouth is sore and you thought it may be an iron deficiency?

  • Thank you copper top that's a world of information for me. I also know what you mean about people on here with a lot of problems because I seem to be one of them. But don't underestimate yourself,because when your in a lot of pain and feel anxious and unwell, you do only really think about your pain. I Beleive that's just human nature. So if you feel like a rant or just have a question, this is the place to be, we're all suffering one way or another. Big Hug to you all.

  • I bought mine from Amazon (well my parents did I can't afford anything!) and tried it for three weeks. I had horrific explosive diarrhoea (not normal for me) and felt even more lethargic than usual which I didn't even realise was possible. So an expensive waste of money. If it was that good it would be available on prescription. I talked to some research scientists who are looking into gut bacteria and probiotics and they said any effective treatments on prescription are a way off yet-but they are trying which is something positive. I would focus on managing your pain and bowel issues (constipation/diarrhoea) and associated symptoms with your GP/consultant. And save your money for the prescriptions you need or at least treats to cheer yourself up when feeling rubbish. Good luck.

  • Thank you all for your help and support.

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