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I want my life back

Life is just intolerable at the moment. I've had Barrets eosophagus for 11 years along with IBS. I've been in constant pain now for about 8 weeks. I have chest and heart pain, a growling stomach and bouts of constipation/loose bowels. I've been taking lansoprozol 30mg a day for 11 years. My last endoscopy was almost 2 years ago and I had a upper stomach ulcer. My symptoms have got steadily worse since my hysterectomy at the end of oct 2014. My quality of life is really poor as I'm in constant pain either in my chest or groin. I've had bloods & urine done at my surgery but all clear. I'm going back again on Thursday as I just can't cope and now have serious anxiety to add to the mix. I'm usually so happy and have a lovely life with my gorgeous husband & 2 teenagers & dogs. I used to appreciate every day, now I wake with dread of the next 24 hours ahead. I just need to share this as I feel so low and defeated. Thanks for listening.

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Im so sorry but I do know how you feel, not of course for the same reasons as you but my own set of health issues. As im getting on in years ive tried

my very best to put things to the back of my mind and put a smile on my face, whilst screaming inside. Ive sat in the bath and cried buckets of tears

but unfortunately it doesnt help does it. Ive had ibs since my twenties and im in my seventies now and there is a lot more help out there, plus of course the internet. Because of the constant C or D over the years I had to

have my rectum removed, thats the holding tank, as it were, so you can imagine the fun ive had. The past six years have been gastly, but Ive

finally found an eating plan that works for me, most of the time. 1 immodium in the morning before breakfast, always have a largely oaty

breakfast, wholemeal sandwich or similar at lunch and salad jacket potatoe

or similar for dinner. I always have strawberries or blueberries and plain

yoghort for afters. I get a lot of information from the fodmap diet, take

an extra immodium if necessary but I always wait to make sure everything is moving along before taking one. Linseeds are good added to

food if C is a problem or kiwi fruit and seenakot if really necessary. Of

course its boring but it gives me a life of sorts.Some days I push my luck

like tonight im having Chinese and b..... the consequences, youre only

here once. This started because I wanted to say you are not alone, I know

how hard it is. Try a different way of eating till you find a way that is

better for you, theres really no other way.

Good luck.


Shirlygirly. Thank you so much for reply. I'm sad to read your words, I truly am. This can feel so lonely and clostrophobic sometimes can't it. I am blessed to have good family and friends around to listen and to help me, I never forget how blessed I am to have that. I hope you have the same. I hoped after my hysterectomy last year my health would improve, it has however, deteriorated rapidly. Such a sad situation. Good luck and I do wish you well. sometimes just talking to someone who understands is a relief. Thank you for being there for me and if I can ever listen to you please feel free. Enjoy your Chinese. X


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