Flattened stools?

Hi I'm 19 y/o and scared to death. I had normal shaped bulky stools until about two days ago I got diarrhea. Now I'm constipated and the first solid BM since my diarrhea, I got flat stools which appeared to have 3/4 of it flattened and 1/4 rounded to the end. I'm freaking out. Could this be colon cancer? I have no family history. Please help me deal with my anxiety. I'm 19 and dont have money or insurance (3rd world country)

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  • After diarrhoea your first few stools are often strange shapes. Nothing to worry about unless you are getting them still 2-3 days afterwards and are having blood on your stools.

  • Would it be likely for me to have cancer at 19? Im just really scared.

  • Hi

    If you are really that worried I would go and see your GP and put your mind at rest.You can often get constipated after diarrhoea as it takes a few days for bowels to get back to normal.

    I am not a doctor so go and see him or her that's my advice.

    Good luck I am sure you will be sorted soon.

  • Hi if only I had the resources I will right now. But I have nothing. No family here no money no insurance. Im 19 and alone.

  • Look on NHS website and answer all the symptoms questions it will at least give you some idea as what it might be. You don't have to be in the NHS system to use website, there are other similar websites too. As you have access to this site I assume you do have access to other online information sites. Try one of the drop-in centres in your local community run by charities or churches, there will be people there who can help you not only with your direct health problems but also finding people to talk too so you are not feeling so alone. You can also ring Samaritans who may have other people you can contact. Good luck

  • Hi. I dont live in the US. Im asian and live in a third world asian country with crappy government services :( I will look into charity and hope I find one. Im also looking into psychological services to help with the anxiety that's taking over my youth. Thanks for the info about NHS. I will be sure to check.

  • Finding some kind of help for your anxiety is what you really need to do. You are 19 and should be enjoying your youth not worrying all the time. If you can't see a doctor for your anxiety then maybe there is some organisations that are online that can help you or at least point you in the direction of free care. There are also a lot of self help resources online that you could try to get your anxiety under control. good luck.

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