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Always in pain

Hi everyone, I've recently been in hospital admitted with abdominal pain and it was caused by my ibs and my colon being severley blocked. I thought I managed my IBS well and know what I can eat, but obviously something has set it off. I have severe abdominal pain and wind which is causing agony and cant seem to control it or settle it, ive had peppermint tablets and mints buscapan. I was also told by the doctor in hospital that buscapan can also constipate you - has anyone heard of that? I always suffer with wind and gas does anyone recommend anything as it can be embarrasing? If anyone could recommend anything to help control my IBS I would be grateful as now I am having to have time off work which is not good and need to get a hold of this condition.

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I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing this discomfort. I was have IBS and recently I was diagnosed with Idiopathic Gastroparesis. I know that when my IBS flareups become really bad, I take Bentyl ( that's the american name, but the UK name is Dicycloverine Hydrochloride), it really helps with the cramping and pain. Since I have IBS and the Gastroparesis sometimes I experience nausea which typically gets better with Zoran.

I hope this helps


I find for bloating and wind a hot water bottle , not too hot just so that

you can put it on your stomach and a peppermint tea. hope that helps.

I do worry when I hear of anyone with constipation whatever you do, do

not strain, I did and ended up with a big problem that was life changing,

be warned.


Thank you for your reply I will try peppermint tea and promise not to strain. thank you.


Hi Mich, have you tried a fibre free diet? It worked wonders for me and I would never have believed what I ate could make such a difference. I'd always been very health conscious eating healthier things like porridge and Weetabix. Now I have cornflakes and an egg for breakfast and a white bread sandwich lunch times and peel fruit such as apples and pears. The difference it has made to the pain in my bowels is amazing. I've also cut out greens and with a roast dinner now have runner beans and mashed swede and carrot, that cured my wind problems.



jean, I have never done that like you I always try and get fibre in me but I will seriously do what you have recommended and see how it goes. Thank you for replying.


I used to add bran and linseed to my breakfast thinking that was the answer to help the pain in my stomach. I also ate an orange, pear, apple and banana every day. In the evenings I always ate dried apricots and thought if I didn't have all these things then I wouldn't be able to go to the toilet. It was when my GP started prescribing things like fibrogel that I realised that those type of medications made it worse. Then I saw a different GP who suggested going fibre free.

Now I'd always thought that white bread wouldn't help at all, but honestly what I've said previously is so true and for the first time in probably 40 years I can now button up things around my waist and not have it cause pain. Please do try this diet, I noticed how much better my bowels felt after just a few days.



thank you for your reply. I will certainly try your diet my GP just says eat plenty of fibre so I will give it a try. Thank you.


Have you tried Mebeverine? Perhaps ask your GP about it. I have stopped eating wheat & it has made a big difference, I'm much less windy than I was. You can have oat bran etc., might be worth a try. Good luck.



I had Mebeverine years ago but will certainly ask again about them. The not eating wheat is interesting and I will give it a try as it can get very embarrasing at work when it starts. thanks again.


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