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Soooo upset :(

My Sourdough bread upset my tum!!!!! HELPPPPPP, what can I eat???????I do take Loperamide, but they don't always work!! am trying Aloevera, BUT, that's the only thing I had today, and I got spasms n Dhiarrhea!!!!! Seem to be o.k. with Arrowroot bics??

Sometimes wonder if my Bipolar meds irritate tum?? Lithium n Fluoxetine???

After all my spasms n Dharrhea, I don't lose weight!!!!!!

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Have you tried a completely dairy free diet and kept a food and bowel movement diary for at least 3 weeks ?

It may not be the bread but what you had with it


Have you tried a low FODMAP diet yet? if not, maybe ask your doc and have a Google for Monash Uni

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I certainly agree about Fodmap diet you must make a note of what you

eat and drink and understand how it effects you.

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