Warning signs

So I wake up with the warning signs of a flare up,(Not as bad usual- Change in foods is certainly have an affect in a good way) I now feel like I can go out and do things again. I still take not of where the public loos are , but that is just if I need to go I can go. Hopefully wont be as bad today.

I find planning things hard e.g have a bank apt tomorrow morning so have a plan in action just in case.

Hope you are all having a good day! IBS

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  • You don't say what your symptoms are but from what you say I presume it's diarrhorea.

    You can buy a RADAR key which will open any disabled toilet - here is the link


    Have you tried eliminating foods from your diet, like dairy, ortried the FODMAP diet which seems to help a lot of people

  • I would like a key but this link offers in batches of ten

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