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Pester power works!

Having had a barium enema that showed "no abnormalities and I have no concerns" according to the colo-rectal Consultant I was told I would not be seen until May/June and had put my hopes of a resolution to my ongoing pain into seeing gynae in April. I have called my Consultant's secretary a few times. got my GP to write a letter last week asking for me to be seen as urgent. I chased the letter up on Tuesday and it hadn't got there.

Finally I got a result! The Consultant's secretary called me today to say there is a cancellation for Monday so she has given the slot to me as "I know you are desperate for a resolution".

Just goes to show if you nag enough then things can happen! Now I just need the Consultant to talk sensibly to me and listen to what I say; taking my husband along as back-up along with a pain/poop/food diary. Sadly more of the first two and less of the third but then when you have pain you don't tend to want to eat but at least he can see I try to do healthy things.

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Good luck with your appointment I hope you get the results in which you were hoping. It's so sad that we constantly have to chase to be seen. I'm seeing my consultant today and too am hoping for some answers as I'm in constant pain, being sick constantly and can't eat. I'm now down to 7 and half stone. My Dr, like yours has written to and spoken to the sec and expressed his worries and concerns and even said it's time I need to be back in hospital, but still had no response from the consultant. I have back up in firm of my mum and dad today so fingers crossed and all the best to you.

Good luck


Well done, but isn't it a shame we have to spend so much energy like this when it's already in short supply. I hope the meeting goes well for you and that they take notice. :)


Appointment was crap. Dr basically said with the barium x ray showing nothing he was clueless so he is arranging a scan of the other part of my bowel. He said we may never know what is wrong and then looked at me funny when that upset me; totally ignoring that I have just told him about my pain levels and how I am unable to do normal things. He referred me to the list for a laproscopy as my husband questioned why nothing was being said about my history of adhesions. He thrust the paperwork at me and told me it was really dangerous. When I had the procedure at another local hospital they told me it was quite safe and gave me all the stats. Can I ask for another Dr as this one is an uncaring and unpleasant person?


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