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Apologies for reposting about this but I'm hoping to get 30 more participants before running data analysis, so if you are able to participate or help spread the word I would be massively grateful!

I am currently studying Health Psychology MSc at Northumbria University, England, and having focused on sufferers’ perspectives on coping with Irritable Bowel Syndrome in my undergraduate dissertation, I am now looking to further this research for my master’s thesis. The link below is to a questionnaire designed to investigate the association between doctor-patient relationship and coping in IBS, and possible intermediate factors.

If you are over 18 and have IBS I would be extremely grateful if you could spare a few minutes of your time to complete the survey. I am hoping the findings will shed some light on how to better help sufferers’ cope with their IBS, and the more people who take part, the better. In total the study should take around 25 minutes and please note that all responses will be completely anonymous and confidential.

This project has received ethical approval from the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences Ethics Committee at Northumbria University.

Thank you very much!


To participate in this study please visit:

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  • Survey completed

    i hope that you have success :)

  • Thank you very much ldwilliams! :)

  • Thank you for caring :) I'm in the U.S. does that matter filling out questionnaire?

  • Hello! :) It doesn't matter at all that you're in the US. I actually anticipated a few participants from there due to the reach of social media so please pass on to any family or friends you know too. Thank you very much for taking an interest in the research!

  • All done I hope you get a good response and you get interesting findings.

  • Brilliant, thank you leesa!

  • Hi Katrin

    If you email me on with shorter description and the link, I would happily put this up on my facebook page and ask people to share the information. I work with a company that has a medical device that helps treat symptoms of dyspepsia and IBS called silicolgel and their facebook page may help you find more IBS sufferers from their followers to complete the survey. Happy to help.

  • Hello,

    Thank you very much for your offer to help! I just tried emailing you but an error message came up saying 'the user doesn't have a account'. :/

    It might be my server being funny so do you have another email address I could try?

  • So sorry, try - and if that doesn't work, try

  • Great thank you! Just tried again so fingers crossed it works ok

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