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Any information on slow transit constipation?

Ever since I was 2 I have had chronic constipation and have taken laxatives my whole life. Only until a few years ago did I find a laxative routine that actually works for me but I since have started to have other health problems. As many of you will know most doctors don't care about constipation and they have never really tried to find out what's causing it and I've recently come across slow transit constipation which I seem to match quite a few symptoms. However its hard to tell the difference between normal constipation and this type of constipation, does anyone here have this or know anything about this condition that can help me understand this more?


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Ask your GP to refer you to gastro-enterologist for tests. Among other things they can give you a transit test. If it is this can be very difficult to get treatment. I'm still on waiting list after two years. Everyone's different. I manage mine while waiting for hospital appointment by taking Oxypowder as prescription meds now ineffective for me. I also see a nutritionist and have occasional colonics. I try to juice and eat raw if I can which suits me and have cut out wheat but can eat spelt and oats. Dr Jensens guide to better bowel health, massage of ileo-caecal valve, gargling and tongue depressing - search for gut-brain axis on net help me too. Never take senna laxatives as were prescribed for me over many years they permanently damage bowel and make probl em worse. I also take a probiotic. Sometimes high fibre helps in others it makes problem worse.

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Thanks for the reply. I have been to a gastro for a different reason before but they weren't interested as my constipation is now relatively in control. I'm just unsure whether mine is severe enough to be slow transit constipation.


The slow transit test involves you swallowing markers over several days. You then have x-ray which shows whether or not you've passed them so it's noninvasive so would be worth requesting if you're concerned about a diagnosis.


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There are a number of new medications for IBS-C please see the link


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