Acid reflux

Hi, can anyone help please, for the last few months my i.b.s has got worse to the point where acid sits at the back of the throat and burns non-stop, then you get adverts which say if you have this for more than 3 weeks it's a sign of cancer! Does anyone know a NATURAL tried and tested please that will stop the burning without medication as the doctors think this is all that needs doing with esomeprazole up at 40mg per day. It's not the correct thing I need something to stop my insides burning. Also who else has a problem with tomato?

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  • Hi finally someone who has a non-medication solution! Thanks for your help my doctor has upped my esomeprazole to 4 a day which still hasn't done much! Does i.b.s cause this or low b12 or stress? I'll trust your answer - do you think I should ask for a scan of my stomach like I've tried for months? Please help fed up being so ill!

  • I had acid reflux for a long time until I changed my diet. Try stop eating meat. Stick to fish. Also, you can take a half glass of water, put in a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and 1/4 tsp of sodium bicarbonate - (baking soda). Drink that down at the first feeling of burning in your throat or chest. That usually settles everything down. Manuka Honey will sooth and heal your throat as well. It has to be "Manuka" honey. This honey is very expensive, but is the only honey that can actually heal this condition in your throat.

  • PPI's have revolutionised the treatment of upper GI problems - for a lot of people, surgery was the only option years ago and so they do have their uses. They do have their downside as anyone who has tried to come off them will know - they result in acid rebound. But if you suffer with true reflux because of a valve problem, or hiatus hernia, then they work to prevent damage to the oesophagus which may eventually lead to Barrett's oesophagus and possibly cancer over a long period of time. This does not happen overnight!! Or in 3 weeks!! 3 weeks of heartburn is not a sign of cancer so don't worry. I think what the ad means is if you suffer constant heartburn which goes untreated for extended periods, you risk damaging your oesophagus and need to deal with this. I have reduced my omeprazole to 10mg every other day and I am reasonably happy with that - obviously I'd prefer not to take it at all but taking meds is always a balance between side effects and the problem. Tomatoes are a killer for heartburn!!

  • Sorry but I beg to differ with Foxkennedy, acid reflux is due Excess stomach acid and esomeprazole effectively switch off the acid tap, i have been on them for years and they work with no apparent side effects. You need to stop this before it causes real damage to your throat.

  • Thanks for your info I will not argue with you as all cases are different but I simply was trying to find out how to deal with stress as the doctors feel this is the underlying cause of my i.b.s and stomach problems, that's all!

  • re tomato im not sure but i think the skin is the problem.try leqving the skin off.i do the same for potao,pears and apples which are easier to peel of course. hope you soon improve

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