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Hi everyone, I haven't posted on here in a while. I have seen a very good Gastrologist who has suggested to me to try Buscupan Injections for severe pain. As when you take a 10mg Buscupan tablet you really only get 2% of the ingredient ,whereas with the injection you get the full 10% . My question is has anyone on here tried it and does it help ?

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  • It sounds like a good idea but I have been told injections aren't for self-adminstration, only by a doctor in an emergency setting. I have found intravenous Buscopan helps me but no amount of tablets do (and from what you said above that makes sense). I would be very interested to know if there was some form of pre-loaded syringes available on prescription which could be self administered at home rather than by a doctor in A&E!

  • I have a new Gastrologist / hypnotherapist who has recommended these injections to me, he recommended them to my GP who teaches you how to do it . This is done on the NHS, my only problem is I have a heart problem and I have got to check with my heart specialist first because he told me they can cause Palpatations . Do you suffer with chronic IBS ? I also Beleive they are just to be used when really nessesary . So by all accounts yes you can be taught by the nurse at your GP surgery how to do it. I have an appointment for next week to learn providing my heart speiclist agrees. Try asking your GP.

  • Hi, I have tried the buscopan injections 2 years ago and these can be self administered if trained by your gp practice. The nurses at the practice taught me how to self administer. Unfortunately I didn't. Find any relief from these and suffered an allergic reaction to them, but this is very rare and the consultant said he had never seen before, but I'm sensitive to many medication side effects. I have heard that these are usually very successful in people with ibs. I hope if you decide to have that you find relief from them. All the best.

  • Hi, I'm new on here and this is the first time I have ever posted anything, my doctor told me to take two Buscapan tablets three times a day to try and prevent attacks, which does help sometimes and other times it seems to do nothing, would that amount still not be enough as an injection to make a difference so to speak does anyone know?

  • Hi Cazab, I suppose it depends on how bad the pain is. If it's chronic pain and severe like mine the tablets would be no good to me. But if your a person who only has IBS from time to time they may be sufficient .

  • Thank-you Gemini71, I just found out yesterday after I posted my question that I am severely deficient in Vitamin D (the normal count should be 50 and mine is 10) after having tests done to find out why my IBS is getting worse, and one of the symptoms is gastroenteritis, and have been having very severe diarrhoea and horrible stomach pains, worse than normal, she did say that's why my usual tablets aren't touching it at all, so am really hoping that once my treatment kicks in that I will feel a lot better and it will calm down, fingers crossed

  • Hi Cazab , I'm pleased you got answer for your problem. Maybe things will look up for you now. Also I know vitamin D is really important for your wellbeing. I have quite a few health problems where vitamin D is tested because of the importance of it. The problem being in this country, we don't get enough sun ! And that's the only real way to get Vit D. So consequently during the winter were all quite low with it. Still Im glad you got sorted. Take Care. Norma

  • Bless you Norma I sure am, you take care too, Carol x

  • No

  • What do you mean NO,

  • What do you mean "No"?????

  • Hi, Cazab, It's bsrjoy that's put NO but he's not answering why he put that. Just ignore it.

  • Am so sorry I thought I'd done it to him, was curious as to what part of our comments he is referring to, but he's obviously being rude, not to even come on and explain what he means, so sorry about that Norma x

  • Hi Cazab, no problem you get that with some people, they just make a comment, then don't justifi IT with an answer.

  • What's that supposed to mean bsrjoy???

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