Abdominal distention

OK so for the past seven years my life has been pure hell with lots of ups and down's but mostly down's and it seems it doesn't get any better. I had all type of test on me you name them and all come back negative .I even had my gallbladder removed and no luck with that just made me get this weird pain under my ribcage on my right side. OK so let me get to the Pointended the system that has been ruining my life literary ruining my life is abdominal distention . I have tried everything and nothing helps , sometimes I just drink lots of laxatives so my abdomen could go down and sometimes even pooping a lot won't help my stomach distention. Please any advices I feel alone on this and no one understand my pain but me only . Any idea please rights now I just feel horrible , my social life is ruined cause of this.

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  • Hi same as! Read my posts if u like, first go on garlic and parsley tablets with probiotics for a month,only cooked veges not raw, no meat, then go on a good digestive tablet before meals. Wishing you we'll.

  • so garlic okay, even though a big no-no from FODMAP diet? And diet consists only of cooked veg? (as in steamed?) nothing else? I feel this will mess my training incredibly without the nutrients to maintain muscle and energy... (I realise all these digestive issues are harming my metabolism and use of nutrients anyway, but surely this will limit it much further?) I am already mostly vego (just eat fish occasionally)..

  • I feel exactly the same way. A year ago I was flat, with clear abs, had been fitness modelling, and I knew my body and what it needed. I have lost all confidence with the distension that will not go away with (or without) ANYthing I try :( (hoping your concern will help me, too... glad to know we are not alone at least)

  • Hi i know exactly what youre going through as i have had this all my life, and it just gets to the point where you have tried everything and nothing seems to work, i understand the effects it has on you as im the same ive got to the point that i dont leave the house because everytime i go out people ask me when im due....., very embarassing when i have to tell them everytime IM NOT PREGNANT. At the moment im waiting to go see a specialist about it, as its getting me down and the fact that i have this awful sickness feeling and no energy everyday just pisses me off. :((((

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