Hi New to group. Started to get symptoms of ibs about three months ago although I'm 65. I did have ibs about thirty years ago which cleared up after a short time thanks mainly to peppermint oil capsules - can you use brand names? Trying them now as current doctor not very helpful, had blood tests and scan which were clear. I'm also type two diabetes - wondered if I'd a problem with these meds - metformin, gliclazide and sitaglitin although I'be been on these a while. Nausea and pain seem worse than thirty years ago, keeping from sleeping. Going to try ginger tea for nausea but nothing seems to ease pain and cramps.

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  • Have you tried Fodmaps, gluten and/or lactose free? Im 68 and had IBS for 28 years since horrendous gastroenteritus whilst living in Dubai. The above 3 things have changed my life back to being almost normal. I use peppermint oil capsules occasionally if I have eaten something I shouldnt and feel a little bloated. Hope this helps

  • Thanks, I hope to explore FODMAPS as I know nothing about it but have heard a few people mention it on the web. I have wondered whether other dietary issues are to blame also type two diabetic and wondered whether my meds were playing up. Can't say what's started the ibs - reading a book I bought on Friday on cbt as I have had problems with stress and anxiety in the past particularly when I was a lecturer! Not finding the peppermint capsules are helping much this time - giving aromatherapy a try, also bought some soya milk to replace cows milk in my diet.

  • Metformin can have side effects that can cause GI upset usually when you take it initially - don't stop taking it - go along to your GP to see if you can have an alternative, if this is what is causing your symptoms patient.co.uk/medicine/metf... otherwise if your symptoms are not normal for your IBS I would suggest a visit to your doctor.

  • Thanks, I saw Dr today. He says he doubts it's the Metformin as I've been on it a long time. Gave a month supply of Fybogel so give that a spin.

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