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IBS-C & Anxiety. I am taking klonopin but think it is making my IBS worse. Anyone out there taking a benzo & noticing the same reaction?

I been taking klonopin for anxiety due to my gut about 5 years ago (I had different gut symptoms than I do now) I think the klonopin can slow up the digestion process so logically I am thinking it is causing me more problems with my IBS-C...........Does anyone relate to this and if so do you have any suggestions? I am planning to slowly wean off the klonopin but I am worried about withdrawals and making my gut worse... ughhhh n

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i have painful IBS-C and PD. My neuro prescribed klonopin for sleep. I take one a bedtime to sleep with melatonin and valerian. If I'm in pain, I take 2 with mint tea. But maybe I should start earlier to deal with the pain. In any case, I'm very interested in what you find out. Only sleep makes the pain go away, but it comes back :P I'm on low FODMAPs as well. It's difficult to adhere to.


may I ask how long have you been on Klonopin for? My gut problems started when I was 40 years old but at that time it was acid and bile reflux and it caused a lot of anxiety so my family phisician put me on valium and then the phsychiatrist switched me to klonopin for 1 mg a day.... so I been on this stuff for 5 years and I know since I did not increase my dose I am still dealing with anxiety which is directly link to now my ibs-c..... I think klonopin has slowed up my digestive process and now i have a new gut issue. Supposely after the latest colooscopy and endoscopy I don't have the other issues I initially had but was diagnosed with ibs

I think klonopin can help but chronic use is not going to serve us but possibly make things worse... My plan is to slowly wean off this stuff and find some other natural stuff to take in replace of it... I hear increasing serotonin levels will help with ibs so I am thinking I should take tryptophan.

I agree adhereing to the re-stricted diet totally sucks but if we feel better than it is totally worth it..... for example, I hear you should not have caffeine but I love my coffee on the fodmap I have it says I can have 1/2 cup... so maybe I can try that and if that don't work maybe decaf at a 1/2 a cup intake will be ok..

there are other diets so much stricter like the SCD diet or GAPS diet


I will explore it's effect on the elimination phase. But I need my sleep. Having PD as well, I cannot move if I cannot move, if you get my drift. My colonoscopy showed nothing that would cause pain, some kinking, a little diverticulosis , normal for some one 73. So pain is 50% neuromuscular, 50 % food sensitivity per my GI.


I think if we listen to our bodies it will let us know what works and what does not work..... What is PD?





not sure if this site will help since they don't specialize in PD however they do deal with brain related issues..might be some good info for improving brain health which might relieve your symptoms.


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