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Does anybody think or have any knowledge of ibs being related to being very skinny. A bit random I know but I'm 32 and have always been extremely skinny, I've had blood tests done in the past ruling out anything major so just put it down to ibs. My symptoms are predominantly bloating, an uncomfortable full up feeling with never any appetite. I do have huge anxieties socially and with OCD which is what I blame for causing these pretty constant daily symptoms, but sometimes I feel that as I'm extremely skinny maybe my stomach is so small that any substantial amount of food it cannot cope with. Subsequently causing bloating and discomfort.

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  • Have you had any blood tests done to see Jf yore deficient in vitamins. If you have no appetite, you're not going to eat much, & therefore you're going to be slender. Are you going to a good gastroenteroligist? Have you tried a good dietician? If you're so thin that it Lois bad a dietician can help you improve your eating habits.

  • I have the same symptoms as you. My only differences being I get terrible constipation and although I've always been thin I'm now skinny. Do you get bunged up too?

  • Not really, only very rarely I would say. It is mainly feeling bloated/full up even after eating something small like a chocolate bar! It isn't every single day which makes it very puzzling and doesn't seem to be related to any particular foods. I can eat a curry say and feel fine and the next day eat some plain pasta and have all my symptoms again.

  • Hi I was underwight when mine started but im a bit overwight now and stil have IBS/D

    I had just had my second child when it happnd so it must be stress has my baby girle was born very premature( 26 weeks) and wighed only 1lb 12oz ( i was 23 then) I am now 57.

    I too have help with anxiety and depression; relaxation is the KEY

    Very Best Wishes

  • That's what I tell myself, to try and stay calm and relaxed as much as possible. With my OCD though I find it very difficult. Thanks for your advice.

  • Hi You dont say if you are getting any help -I recieve CBT and am on SSRIs ( antidepresssant prozak ?

    Very Best Wishes

  • Hi again if you go on SSRIs they put an edge on your appetite-I could eat a buttered- brick any day of the week-tee hee


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