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Gastric issues

Hi. My son (aged13) has had horrendous diarrhoea and stomach cramps for 5 months since antibiotics. All sorts of tests h pylori etc. all negative. Seen a lady who does intolerance testing and she recommended silicoll gel amongst other things. He started with 5 ml 30 mins before food and is now on 15 ml. He's been on this for 7 weeks now and diarrhoea has stopped and tummy is much better. Has today been diagnosed with Eosinophilic oesophagitis and gastritis by hospital after biopsies. He is on other bits as well so if you want to know let me know!! She was a wonder. She told me basically what the hospital told me only 7 weeks ago. Who says alternative meds is a load if rubbish. She doesn't even sell them. I get them from holland and Barrett!! He says he couldn't survive without it. To the lady who asked: get it. It won't harm you but it might just help you.

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I'm thinking of going back to GP soon, to see if there is anything else that can help me in getting rid of this horrible syndrome.

I might mention the gel to them and see their reaction.

Glad it's working out well.


Hi. My son started with 5 ml before meals and has gradually increased to 15 ml. He also takes something called Serra enzyme. It's taken a good fee weeks but he us is much better. Antacids and anti spasmodics never worked. The gel costs the throat and tummy so you can't take other meds for an hour. Our doctor and consultant are great they say if it helps to carry on. We tried an alternative therapist who did intolerance testing. Turns out she was right as my sons biopsies confirmed what she said. Good luck.

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Meant coats the tummy. Sorry for spelling errors.


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