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in need of help coping with ibs!

i recently got diagnosed with ibs and am struggling to manage it. i have been to the nhs and as good as they can be, i have found them no help at all. i am on lots of medication and cannot work at the moment it's so bad. would anyone be able to recommend a private clinic/doctor/dietitian in London who might be able to help me? any help would be appreciated!

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when did you last drink tap water .! did you drink tap water before this problem .! i bet you did .


I can't recommend any private practices in London (or elsewhere for that matter) but I don't think you necessarily need that. Sometimes, you just need to give your doctors a nudge in the right direction. I'll try and help if I can but it would be useful to know a bit more to start with...

How does your IBS manifest itself? What are the worst symptoms and when are they most prevalent? When did your IBS start and what else was happening in your life around that time? What tests and treatments has your GP carried out?

IBS is a very fickle illness and it can often be a case of a trial and error finding out what caused it and how to manage it.


Drink lots of peppermint tea and take good old buscapan - its available form your supermarket - you can take a maximum of eight tablets a day.

IBS hasn't got a cure because it has so many different clothes - ive had all the blood tests, colonscopy, ultrasounds and they all came back negative. Ive come to the decision that its down to stress levels and the type of food and drink that I have.

Now its no Caffeine, plain food (NO SPICE) plenty of exercise, any type, (Gym, Cycling high intensity to get the heart pumping)

I had my colonoscopy Privately by Dr Richard Robinson (BUPA - Leicester) he was superb and is one of the leading gastro specialists- I would highly recommend him if you would like to discuss your condition.

No super cure BUT you will feel better once you discover what your triggers are, I hope this helps please let me know if you contact Dr Robinson and how you get on.

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What are your symptoms - constipation or diahorrea ?

Keep a food and bowel movement diary and then try your own intolerance tests by leaving one food group out of your diet at a time like dairy. You could try the FOdMAP diet which seems to help a lot of people


First of all try not to get stressed green and peppermint tea is calming for the stomach I've had Ibs for years now and I find this helps have you tried the ibs tablets they help with the cramps best to avoid fatty foods and anything spicy also becareful with things like cucumber and courgettes. Meditation helps with the stress. Stress agitated the stomach and makes it worse. Hope you find.this useful and the symptoms lmprove. Good luck.


I agree with some of the things said above, I suffer with colitis, and I find diet plays a big part in it. You need to find out what your trigger foods are, keep a food diary to find out what your trigger foods are, mine is wheat and corn. Which causes stomach cramps and bloating. Best of luck


fwr.org/giardia.pdf read that .! and go and get the tables to cure it .! its not IBS before mine started i drank tap water .! and started the stomach problems after .this was in 2010 and still going on .! i am slowly getting better day by day . pain in the stomach is getting less and less slowly .! does take years and years .! unless its treated .! but doctors treating it as IBS ? its not IBS unless you get proper diagnosis you want be cured .! you need to knock some sence into the NHS .? shop.interhealthworldwide.o... . Tinidazole (Fasigyn) 500mg (12 tablets . Fasigyn (Tinidazole) - 500mg (100 Tablets) . but buy these from a proper UK place .goodluck .!


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