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Soluble & Insoluble Fibre

Just thought I'd pass on a link for a useful website. As most of us IBS suffers know, too much insoluble fibre eaten without soluble fibre is an irritant to the gut and bowels. This is a comphensive list of insoluble & soluble fibre content of many foods which you can search through alphabetically. I found a few foods I didn't realise were high in insoluble fibre.

It's an American Prebiotic company but hopefully the list is trustworthy.


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Thanks for posting this link swishymichy, I thought it was really useful. I had no idea about soluble and insurance fibre and it explains why initial advice from my GP to just increase my intake of fibre was inefficient. I wondered if you had tried prebiotics? I don't see anywhere where I can try them.


Glad you've found it useful. In my experience GPs are severely lacking in knowledge about IBS. I haven't tried pre biotics, only pro biotics which didn't help me. I've found that I'm intolerant of lots of foods many of which are 'healthy' foods so I'm having to be very selective with my diet to keep my condition bearable. I hope you're able to get your symptoms under control too.


The lack of knowledge is really frustrating and I feel extends to my IBS consultant. I have been managing my symptoms really well for a year, until this last month where I have suffered a lot. I am still trying to find prebiotics to try. Glad you have found a way to manage your symptoms, thanks again for your help.


No problem I hope you get back on track soon.


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