Constipation- Soluble Fiber

I'm trying to manage my IBS-C and I eat mostly fiber. I don't eat any animal products at all and most of my diet is fiber based. When I have certain high fiber foods, I don't seem to digest them well. It's as if my body hasn't digested properly but is trying to force a bowel movement. I've read about the differences between insoluble and soluble fiber and it seems to be the reaction to foods I can recognise as insoluble, which makes sense from what I've read.

I know it's different for every person but I'm trying to increase soluble fiber and I'm struggling because a lot of the information online is contradictory. For instance one website will tell me lentils and beans are more of a soluble fiber source whereas another will tell me the opposite.

From what I've read it seems to be more starchy foods and root veg that are soluble. But most fruits and vegetables generally seem to be high in insoluble. I want some staples to just base my meals around. I'm trying to have oats more and I'm making myself a bit sick of sweet potatoes, but they seem to help.

Does anybody know a good, clear source of information?

Thanks if anyone reads this and I hope you're all keeping well

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  • I would strongly recommend IBS solutions by Professor John Hunter. Anyone who has ibs should read it.

  • Have a look at the FODMAP way of eating . Monash University website or there is an app. The green marked foods are Ok for most people. I also have problems with insoluble fibre but it is really difficult if you are vegan or vegetarian as so many of the things you eat which are supposed to be healthy are a nightmare for people with IBS.

    I remember getting a list of soluble v insoluble fibres off the internet but I can't remember from where I'm afraid.

  • Yes I agree with marthaalice - I use the book as a guide all the time. He put me on to flax (linseed), which I sprinkle on cereal. Most other fibre I avoid as makes problem worse

  • Thanks so much guys. I'm looking up the IBS solutions on amazon, I'm gonna order a copy .

    I looked into the Fodmap diet a while ago but my symptoms have changed, I used to have too loose bowel movements. I actually downloaded the app about it yesterday but I got frustrated and deleted it lol. Because some of the things on the list I felt were constipating. Yesterday I was getting so fed up! I might try again.

    I originally cut out meat and dairy because I don't digest either very well so I don't feel like it should be difficult. But I've replaced them with a lot of insoluble fiber because I can't differentiate between the two that well yet. Don't worry about the list, thanks for your advice.

  • Interesting how we are all different. I have IBS-C and fiber can be my enemy. I have to careful about it. I just use a TBSP of ground flaxseed in my breakfast and if I start to have problems, I take some magnesium at night.

  • I've suffered with IBS-C for 38 years. Went through all the fiber "rules". I've just read Fiber Menace written by a dr who has suffered with it. The website is fiber which takes you to gut This is truly working for me & makes so much sense! Just read it & see what you think. I'm on my 3rd month of trying it & it does take time as he points out but it is the only thing that has worker for me that isn't using a laxative or trying to put tons of fiber in your body. In fact he says to do quite the opposite.

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