Long term loperamide

I've recently had surgery to remove a large part of my small bowel and large bowel (as well as other bits!) due to ischemia.

Over been struggling with my bowels and suffer from severe diarrhoea. It's particularly bad at night. Currently I'm taking 8 loperamide per day and am on an insoluble fibre free diet. Still.... I have diarrhoea every day, 7-10 times a day. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm wondering if there might be sherbrooke tablets I could request. This is all very new to me so any advice anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated!

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  • I was prescribed Loperamide and had diarrhea for 6 weeks, before and after Christmas! My first concerned was the coating contains Lactose. I managed to make it to a chemist and was given Immodium clear capsules that helped a bit, but it was a horrendous experience. I have since changed doctors and there is a warning on my notes now about not only Loperamide but more especially that I am Lactose intolerant. I am also gluten free and avoid Fructose and wheat. Good luck x

  • Thanks very much for the reply! I'm sorry to hear about your experience over Christmas. They have told me my symptoms could be permanent so it's really helpful to hear there are some alternatives. I'm off to see the doctor again this week so I'll be asking about immodium clear and also immodium comfort :) thanks again for the help!

  • My husband had an ischemic bowel 10 years ago and was put on 6 loperamide a day. He still takes 2-4 per day and has not had any ill effects. Your condition will inevitably give you regular diarrhoea but to reassure you , despite loosing 2/3 of his bowel he is now much better and his body has adapted to his condition really well .

  • Thanks so much for your reply! I'm sorry to hear about your husband, but I'm pleased to hear he's doing well. It's also very reassuring to know symptoms do improve, I've been out if hospital for 8 weeks so it's early days but I'm hoping things don't continue like this! Can I ask how long your husband suffered with really bad diarrhoea before things settled down a little?

    Thanks again :)

  • Hi. I would say things gradually improved over several months. Now he has one or two bouts a day but is fine otherwise. When he was first ill it was touch and go whether he would survive and we were told that if he did he would have to be fed by tube and have a colostomy. Thanks to a fantastic surgeon he had neither of those things and now , apart from taking a handful of pills per day you would not know he had been ill .

  • My situation sounds exactly the same! My surgeon was fantastic and did a double join to avoid the colostomy, I had tube feed for a while but thankfully it's no longer needed... It's great to hear he's doing better. Thank you for sharing everything with me, it's given me a little glimmer of hope!

  • My husband says he wishes you all the best for the future and to reassure you things will get better !

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