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Does this sound like IBS


Hello all, first post so I hope I do it properly! Since my mid teens (I'm now 21) I've had relatively minor and infrequent phases of passing very soft (but not usually liquid) stools with occasional cramping. I'd never gone to the doctor about this as I found it fairly easy to manage and symptoms usually cleared up in a few days.

However, for much of the last 5 weeks I've found things a lot harder to deal with. I've had maybe 10 days out of the last 35 where I've felt normal. The rest of the time I've had soft stools with a lot of mucus nearly every day, on a few days they have just been liquid which is very unusual for me. I still don't have much pain and if I do it's nearly always right before I have an urge to use the toilet. I also find I'm very 'gurgly' before I have to go, I can tell if it's going to be a bad day by the amount of noise! The noise doesn't appear to be in my stomach, but lower down, if that makes sense. I've also found that I can use the toilet, but 10 minutes later feel like I need to use it again. This is typically worse in the morning. I'm only eating very plain foods but that doesn't seem to be helping much.

I've been to the GP who took a stools sample, I'm waiting to hear back from them but I can't help but think 'what if...' and worry myself thinking it could be something more dangerous! The whole thing is stressing me out and getting me down and I'm sure that isn't helping me feel any better! I guess I'm just hoping for some reassurance. Does it sound like I may have IBS? If so, will this become 'normal' for me or are there times where symptoms go away?

Thanks in advance.

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It does sound like a form of IBS. It's good your GP has become involved early on. GPs are starting to take IBS a bit more seriously these days although there is still a long way to go. Wait and see what the tests are like and if everything comes beck as normal, try to get your GP to refer you to a gastroenterologist and go from there. In the meantime, try not to worry too much but keep a record of how your bowel behaves so you can discuss it with consultants/doctors if you need to. Hope this is helpful

Lossoli in reply to Evan48

Thanks for the advice. Definitely helpful, I've started to keep a record now!

Don't want to worry you. It does sound like classic IBS. As with many conditions it share symptoms with other things like Chrohn's.

How do you treat it? I was using loperamide (diocalm) for ages before I talked about it. I now have it on script. Mine's not so bad as it is controlled by some or more capsules. You may find differently.

Wait till you get the results from doctor - you may do more harm than good by making incorrect assumtions.

Lossoli in reply to fenbadger

Thanks for replying. At the moment I try to control it with loperamide when I know I'll be out and won't have quick access to a toilet.

fenbadger in reply to Lossoli

If that works its a good result. Loperamide is a fairly innocuous drug compared to some we get. It works for me too, but not everyone. Speak to GP is always a good step, though I'm not too sure about endoscopy in the first instance, maybe if other results are inconclusive.


You need to have all the tests available, gastroscopy, endoscopy etc to rule in or out any number of bowel related conditions - if your GP doesn't agree get a second opinion

Lossoli in reply to Hidden

Thanks for replying. Good to know what I should be having done, I'll definitely mention it if the GP doesn't agree.

Try Buscopan for the cramps and Loperamide for the bowel movements

One thing that I use which I think does good is simple peppermint tea instead of milky tea!

It's natural to help with digestion and someone recommended to me Aloe Vera capsules if it is long term.

Good Luck!

Hi Guys,

My name is Laura and I myself suffered a severe case of IBS back in Sep 2007 all the way up until Dec 2012

I am not sure at this point whether or not you are individually dealing with ''the dreaded IBS'' or symptoms similar, and I am also not sure whether or not I am allowed to assist you in this way, but I would like to take this opportunity on giving you an insight into what changed my IBS life around, to appoint its only now when i read comments like yours that I remember how dreadful, humiliating and depressing it all was for me.

Thank god I found and use the Purest 100% Stabilized Aloe Vera Gel I could find! lol.

I researched. Where there is normal bowel function, the famous nutritionist, Jeffery Bland, has shown that Aloe Vera produces several effects when drunk on a daily basis:

* it speeds up the transit time of the gut contents

* As a result the stool becomes softer as it contains more water

* Protein absorption is increased

* Gut flora is regulated, especially where there is an overgrowth of the yeast Candida.

Perhaps it is one or all of these actions that bring about considerable improvement for the sufferers of this functional bowel problem. As we all know, it is accepted that there is a stress element to this condition!! However apart from Aloe Vera's known ability to regulate & smooth out the gut's peristaltic movements, thereby reducing the pain and regulating bowel habit, Dr Peter Atherton also believes it has a calming effect on the mood, through its ability to balance the immune system and provide a greater sense of well being. Professionally, Aloe Vera is Dr Atherton's first line treatment for IBS and can claim about an 80% response rate, including mine.

Please do refer to the link below as reading further really did help me.

or view product variety:

I am happy to respond to any responses guys, so please don't hesitate!- but if i don't hear from you shortly, I really do wish u all well.x

Stranger love <3 :)


Find a Way to distress as that makes symptoms worsen,dont worry about things till you know about them drink plenty of water and walk alot

It does sound like IBS! Get all the tests done, but also..try cutting out gluten and seeing how you feel. I was struggling for awhile, never tried cutting out gluten since I had been tested for celiac and it came back negative..cut it out and I don’t have any symptoms! I’m still struggling to gain weight after losing 40 lbs over the last few years.:which makes me think I may need to be tested for celiac. Good luck!

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