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Pain from under ribcage down to groin

Hi, I have the most severe pain from IBS at present it is a burning pain from under my ribs both sides right down to near my groin! Most people seem to have the pain just around belly button area but I don't and it has got worse over past few years, since I had a colonoscopy incidently which was 6 years ago. My Dr keeps saying it is IBS and blood test showed up no inflammation but I am still concerned as it is such a bad pain, I suffer from IBS C and constantly feel I need to go but often can't or just a bit only to need to go again a bit later!

would really welcome any advice or your experiences of this!

Many Thanks!

lucy xxx

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My IBS pain dates from colonoscopy PREP, REPEAT PREP 10 years ago. discovered recently low FODMAPS keeps it under control.


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