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I haven't been formally diagnosed, but my diahorrea and pain are now affecting my life so I know I need to see the doctor. My question is th


The symptoms only affect me really badly at the weekend. Is this unusual? I don't tend to eat much during the week due to a hectic job, but at the weekend, eat far more that I do in the week. Griping pain and diahorrea always begin at weekends. Any ideas?

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you need to go to see your GP xx

Ask your GP to refer you to a gastroenterologist.

Also it might help if you post up here what you eat during the week versus what you eat at the weekends so that we can tell you if those foods are potential triggers.

Also check out the FODMAP diet on the Monash university website.

I agree that you need to see your GP for advice. It is quite usual for migraine sufferers to have attacks after the working week is over. I think also that stress related IBS can come on after the stress is done. If these are new symptoms for you then you should get checked out. Food intolerances can start at any age and it may be that you are eating something at the weekends which sets you off!

orange123uk in reply to binks

I agree with this as well but stress I.b.s would show if your work is stressful during the week you say only weekend so unless you eat and drink different things then than in the week intolerance to food is unlikely but possible.

Does not sound like I.b.s but could be your gallbladder as it comes on after eating food. This will occur if you eat pork or greasy food it could be you need to go to your G.P, and not look to the Internet to find out what is wrong we may all be wrong. Take your self off to get tested so as to put your mind at rest.

Ask your Dr for a full blood count to test for celeac and ask for a liver test ask for an ultrasound and get him to examine your tummy for pain. Get a stool sample and a urine sample done and if all that is clear get him to send you to gastroenterology where they can do other tests. If you drink alcohol and it's worse gallstones do not like that. So watch what you eat and drink at weekends until you have been tested.

good luck.

Dear Naff come back to this site after you get a proper diagnosis from GP then we will be able to suggest ways to help you

Irergular eating ie gastroenterologist? Try eat regulary. If persist see doctor. Dont eat too nuch lactose etc

It could be that as you are very stressed during the week, your digestive system stops working properly. Once you start to relax and the digestive system starts to work again you start to get all these symptoms. Think you should consult GP and try to get the stress issues resolved. Maybe that would help!


You need to get your doctor to have all the tests done, including endoscopy and colonoscopy.

You may find lactose and dairy cause diarrhorea and if you try elimination and this is the cause you must check all medication as some tablets contain lactose, even ibuprofen and loperamide

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