Don't want to jinx it but i feel better! :)

So after over a month of being unable to eat anything but rice, crackers, eggs and potato's i now seem to be a little stomach pains, and no diarrhoea and i have managed to eat some meat, drink some beer and wine and i've had some ice lollies and some veg..i am introducing things in gradually - im calling it baby food steps! i have no idea why i am feeling better - i think i can mainly attribute it to giving my stomach time to adjust again and also that had a very good happy normal weekend that made me feel great emotionally!i feel like that helped a lot! so i haven't tried all foods yet so i am still on the mend, but fingers crossed i am on the road to be back to normal!

I shall continue to take pro-biotics / yakult and will try and make sure my meals are centred around soluble fibres and try and keep the fatty foods to a minimum - providing i can eat them! i am being particularly wart of dairy and meat but im going to try more over the weekend! cross your fingers for me guys!

I also have an appointment with the specialist tomorrow - and dont know whether to go! But i suppose it would be a good idea to go and discuss what ive been through and see if i can find out whats available in china to help!

I hope everyone feels better soon and that my posts help in some small way!

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  • This is great news indeed! I know you will do fine.(:

  • Glad to hear you're feeling better,Minafox. Long may it continue. Not feeling too good myself this morning. I chanced having some onions last night. I think I'm paying for it this morning. Sitting in bed with stomach pains. That'll teach me!

  • That's great news. Really hope that you keep improving and enjoy life again to the full very soon.

  • I would still go to the specialist....

  • Yep i went! i feel it was defo the best idea, although im now £100 lighter! but it will be worth it in the long run! :)

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