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I am currently studying a Masters in Health Psychology and for my thesis I am looking at the characteristics of IBS sufferers and the effect IBS can have on a person’s quality of life, pain severity and stress levels.

I believe IBS is a significantly underappreciated condition by many GP’s and health professionals, needing further research to understand who suffers from it and how this can help with the management and treatment of IBS.

I would therefore greatly appreciate you taking 10-15 minutes of your time to complete my questionnaire, as your response could provide valuable data that could contribute to improved treatment of IBS in the future. If you are 18 years or older then you can complete the questionnaire online using the link below. Please read the attached participant information sheet before completing the questionnaire.

If you have any more questions about the study please feel free to message me.

Many thanks

Participant information sheet:

<iframe src="https://onedrive.live.com/embed?cid=B81A90E0C684926D&resid=B81A90E0C684926D%21167&authkey=ACB89t9eGlzR-yA&em=2" width="476" height="288" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>


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hi this is brilliant I have just been hospitalised for 5 days with severe IBS /blocked bowel been in absolute agony

I am fit run 5 times a week eat healthy and it still affects me ,I feel there is a massive amount of research needs to go into this subject as all the doctors I saw said different things ,and I felt bit of a fraud and a bed blocker, I work for the NHS and really feel that there is a need to take this illness seriously as it so debilitating and costly when severe cases need to be in hospital for 5 days with mixed treatment plans and regime's from differing health care professionals

do the survey folks and lets get a definite cure


Sorry to hear you've been so unwell with IBS, I hope you are feeling better now. Thank you for the support it's much appreciated, hope I can help this problem in some small way!


What a brilliant idea and I will do this. I totally resonate what musie has said below. Best of luck with the research.


Thanks for the support, much appreciated


I really don't know how you can have a special criteria to IBS .I was led to believe everyone can have different symptoms.IBS D IBS C,chronic IBS,and so on.So I really don't understand how you can do a survey on a special group,when in the end it all still comes back to IBS.I myself have had chronic IBS for 12yrs it has totally taken over my life ,where as someone else might only have it once a month.Im not undermining these people I'm just saying how we are all different .So how can you do a survey on one group?


There are many symptoms of IBS Gemini that's what I'm interested in and I'm hoping for a variety of people with different types of IBS and want to see how it affects people's lives as I know it can be very debilitating for many like yourself.


IBS ??? I wish they had a different name for it as the above replies show that it is as my GP told me a DUSTBIN diagnosis for a number of bowel conditions that have similar but not all characteristics and symptoms! I don't know how many people have said that 'OH! I get that sometimes!!!' Most people will have a nervy gut at times of stress. That's pretty normal. However IBS is something a whole lot more than that and is poorly understood and trivialised by even just the diagnosis IBS. The symptoms are akin to serious diseases like inflammatory bowel disease but a gastro consultant told me at least they have effective drugs to help these conditions. The ILLNESS and it's devastating effects on normal daily living are not treated seriously enough! Perhaps you should contact Prof. Whorwell in Manchester as he is an expert in this field and has written and co-written many research papers on the condition and it's effects e.g suicide!!!


Would just like to point out to you MSchealthpsyc that the survey your asking for is the Rome111 criteria with just 3 symptoms and there are not a lot of people that just fit that criteria.Like the person above said doctors use the words IBS when they can't find any other reason for your pain.I don't think anyone other than IBS suffers could begin to understand the way each individual feels we are all so different therefore we don't all fit the Rome111 criteria.


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