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Pain lower right ibs?


I have been diagnosed with ibs years ago but my pain has always bsen mainly lower left. This flare it is low in right, over pubic region and in groin.

Anyone else get Pain on right. I have the normal nausea with it and windy pains but the right side worries me

Had a transvaginal ultratrasound last oct which was clear but still would appreciate any advice. Have only had pains for a few days and my flares can last months. Does not feel like uti.


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Hello Bourne62. I get this pain lower right too. Done some research and think it may be inflamed valve between the large and small intestine....ileoceacal valve (I think). Read a book called "You are how you eat" ....very informative. Tells you that the valve sometimes sticks open or closed and tells you how to massage it to reopen/reclose it. Hope this is helpful!


Hi peter,

Thank you so much for replying.

I think you may be right as this pain was made much worse my an osteopath who put extreme pressure in that area. It was very tender and she said well all that is there are ovaries and the connection between small and large bowel. As I had my ovaries checked I think it is the valve you speak of.

I went to see her for upper back pains and to help my hiatus hernia but I think she pressed far to hard and the bowel is inflammed.

I will take up your suggestions. Does the pain extend to your groin.



Hello again Bourne62!

Yes the pain can sometimes affect the groin, the whole area can be tender. This pain is sometimes mistaken for appendicitis and doctors operate accordingly! I asked my GP if it was my appendix and he told me that this would have shown up when I had a CT scan recently, but it is a similar pain. I take amytriptyline 10mg about 2 hours before bed time and this helps control the pain (I usually wake up with it and it improves throughout the day) it's actually an antidepressant in large doses, but in small doses it works on the nerve endings like a painkiller. It might be useful! I I have read that silicolgel is very good for IBS so I have bought some. Not tried it yet but will let you know if it's any good. Good luck and I hope you feel better very soon! :)


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