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Managing return of pelvic pain and diverticular disease - Help!

Hi all,

Well I have been taking Magnesium Citrate for over 1 week now (thank you to those of you who recommended this) for diverticular disease and it does help, albeit a bit painful and grumbling when having bowel movement and sometimes this can be very sudden so a toilet is needed extremely quickly. I can't believe that I am now experiencing return of pain in my left pelvic area (chocolate cysts, along with left ovary and fallopian tube were removed at time of op on 20 March / Mirena Coil also inserted). How can this be after 6 weeks ?- is it possible for endo to return in this area? This, along with constipation/diarrhoea/pain/bloating and the feeling of exhaustion again isn't helping. I have been off work for 6 weeks now as I have also healed slowly and now I feel that I am back to square one with the additional problem of diverticular disease which was found be accident during laparoscopy. I did go and see a different doctor for a second opinion last Thursday as I currently appear to be told to manage this and requested a colonoscopy for diverticular disease as well as mention about the return of pelvic pain - she advised me to get in touch with my consultant to request an earlier follow up re pelvic pain which I have now done - 4th June instead of 2 July - that was earliest he could see me. She also didn't have a record of my post op letter from my consultant so advised that she was a bit in the dark re diverticular disease but was sympathetic. I then had to chase my consultant's PA at the hospital to ask for a copy to be faxed to my doctor in order for her to decide on next steps to move forward. The doctor has advised to go back and see her next Tuesday following Bank Holiday in order for her to be able to read letter and advise. Honestly feel so frustrated and fed up! I was talking to my husband about this and I suddenly burst into tears as by now I was expecting to be active again and rolling back to working full time. The doctor has suggested that I return to work on shorter hours/lighter duties (I work as a Learning Support Asst with Special Needs Children in a school and my job can be very demanding - tiring, albeit rewarding!) but honestly its the sheer feeling that doctors just are not take this seriously or understand the pain/discomforts we ladies have to face!! I think even my sister (who I am extremely close to) is getting bored of hearing my same old, same old news! I am going to be adamant for referral for colonoscopy on Tuesday of next week; Sorry for rant. Could anyone give me any advice on pain relief in the meantime? I did take amatryptyline prior to op and this worked a little, didn't totally take pain away but made me relaxed/slept well which I was lacking in but did make me feel totally dazed on following days. I am currently taking paracetamol/co-codamol/ibuprofen - any help or advice would be greatly appreciated - Thank you.

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My daughter's diverticulitis was diagnosed after 4 years of misdiagnosis by going to ER and getting xray during severe attack. She cured it using diet and 'mild' exercise in book by John Hunter. Rule is low fiber during pain, more fiber when no pain. Also I found physical therapy for ab pain priceless regardless of the source. I am wondering why a coil when having such pain?


Hi! again Jay42 if you still have periods, then yes I believe endo can build up again. I had 4 laps about 4 years apart so it could be mopped up. I did not go for the coil as I read in some cases it causes discomfort & pain so I went on a progesterone based mini pill. For period pain I found mefamic acid(Ponstan) excellent at relieving my endo connected pain. Before I found this wonder tablet I used to lay on the floor of the stockroom where I worked in agony until my period arrived so I do understand how you are feeling. Suggest you join Endometriosis UK -you get all the latest on treatments and specialised advise. But Jay42 until your GP lets you have a colonoscopy I don't think you can move on as you have to find out what is going on in your bowel. Let me know how you get on



Reading your post was like reading an entry from my diary and I could empathise with you completely. I had a large part of my Sigmoid colon removed in November last year due to diverticulosis initially felt a bit better then told I had Crohn's disease. I also had a repair to a rectovaginal fistula where poo was also coming out through the vagina. This repair lasted about a week and I was beside myself, depressed cos I had to wear nappy pads plus kept getting thrush too. Then in April I had another op to remove an anal fistula and that is giving me a lot of pain too now. A new consultant arrived and we are talking about having a temporary stoma to let the lower bowel heal but god knows when that will be. I too get the hurrying sensation and have had a few accidents but thankfully I have been at home. I don't feel I have quality of life. Most evenings I am sat on the loo and some nights I don't sleep at all cos of pain and frequent half hourly trips to the loo. I asked for a colonoscopy and thankfully got one and also had a CT scan where both showed the extent of the diverticulis disease. I am seeing a dietician next week so if I get any tips will let you know. Push push push for your tests ask how they would feel if they had to cope with your symptoms and if it's a male doctor I am ashamed to say that the old waterworks pouring down my face also layed the guilt on thicker sometimes you have to use whatever you have got!!! Let me know how you get on plz and lots of luck.



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