Is the York food intolerance test worth doing.How do you find out if your fructose or lactose intolerant,or even dairy?

I've suffered IBS for over 10yrs.It has totally taken my life over like many of you.I have every test available,and currently waiting to see a dietician to put me on the Fodmap diet ,witch looks complicating .I am in pain and discomfort every waking hour.I am just hoping this diet will give me some relief.ANY suggestions welcome

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  • Hi there I know how you feel I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia so I have lots of symptoms aswell as ibs diarrhoea is the main factor going any where is stressful I need a toilet to be near by lots of people don't understand I avoid social gatherings I don't eat hardly anything I'm doing yoga to relax me as anyone got any ideas I could try please iv had a sensitivity food test which were pork, coffee , chick peas, oranges, chocolate please help thanks

  • How did you get a sensitivity test ?

  • Hi there I went online and found a clinic that did it in my area I booked an appointment the foods I were sensitive to were the same 15 years ago when I had a similar test I also think holland & Barrett might do tests I think it was £50 hope this helps

  • Hi. I have just finished the 8 week elimination part of the low FODMAP diet and it has been amazing!! Am now starting to reintroduce things one at a time to see if I can identify what foods are my triggers. I found the diet easy and know now that if I am having a bad episode I can simply go on that for a week and it will sort it out. Good luck!

  • I'm going on the Fodmap diet next week, it does look very complicating ,but I really have your result thank you

  • I didn't wait for a dietician but started the diet myself and noticed a huge improvement in need to visit the loo multiple times in the morning before leaving the house. No more pizza when out that resulted in me having to run to find a loo.

    There's lots of info online to get you started on the diet. Check out the Monash university website. They also have an app that you can check foods against.

    Have you been tested for fructose malabsorption? It's best to get that done so you have a starting point of what to eliminate.

  • I've found out today I can have them tests on the NHS and I agree with you it will be a starting point,plus I am going on the Fodmap diet next week so fingers crossed thank you

  • Excellent. Best of luck:-)

  • I suffered like yourself for years, and finally last year was sent to hospital and to be told I have chronic IBS. I then saw the dietician and she put me on the FODMAP food plan.. YES the diet looks daunting but you get used to...within a week I was painless had so much more energy and feeling amazing I am now trying to re-introduce foods again.....I would HIGHLY reccomend this FODMAP and stick to it religiously and it really works...

  • It could be that dairy is the mai cause of your symptoms you could try eliminating it completely from your diet. In any case it can't do any harm.

    If you do find that lactose and dairy are triggers do check any tablet medication for lactose, ie ibuprofen and loperamide

  • I have just been to the doctors and found out that I can have a fructose and lactose intolerance test on the NHS ,so that's another step forward.I would just like to say to anyone out there don't ever give up,just keep pushing for any treatment you think you need.Ihave also found this site very uplifting you don't feel so alone,so thank you

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