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Has anyone tried CONSTELLA (linoclotide)- the latest one a day capsule for constipation usually prescribed by a consultant?


I have slow motility problem with lots of knock on pain in the bowel - tired this for 6 days and have now got severe nausea and gastritis. Wanted to get off Movicol which I have been on for many years. I shall probably go back to using herbs as I seem to be so sensitive to drugs.

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Hello purple-07, have you tried flaxseeds? I used movicol previously but found the unpredictability of it prohibitive and so now use flaxseeds and drink water alongside them. This allows me to be regular, when I too have a slow tract. I was advised by someone in this site of flaxseeds and I know others on the site have also found this successful, and natural. A other bonus is no cramps or runny stools..

I've been on it for two months. Went for colonoscopy,which was clear, and consultant prescribed it. He said I had med induced IBS from years of taking Tramadol, antiinflammatories etc.

He warned me it can have side effect of diarrhoea and he was right! Sometimes it's worse than others. I didn't have a lot of pain, just a discomfort with bloating and the ever present constipation, alternated with some bouts of loose stools. I'm not convinced its worth taking the Constella, though my GP says it needs 3 months trial. I'm also on Omeprazole which acts as an ant acid. I was on Movicol for year as well.

I had years on anti-inflammatories because of a slipped disc and muscle spasms, which left me unable to work or go upstairs to bed. Combined with constipation caused by the pain killers, this dominated my life. Flax seed has been part of my healing. Sometimes I change to wheat bran and every evening, my snack is a few dates. A detailed food diary for six months eventually revealed the foods that my digestive system couldn't manage. I have been so much better with that self knowledge and my stomach seems to have healed itself by not being irritated. There are foods I haven't reintroduced but will try some time. Do hope you can find your way through this and back to health. We are created unique so each persons path is different but there are lots of common factors. This site has been a huge help to me. I kept a note book and gradually tried things mentioned here. I'd never heard of flax seed. I reckon it has taken three years to gain the self knowledge to feel well so it's not a quick fix but just keep at it.

Have you tried Prucalorpride (Resolor) on prescription, VSL3also is a very good probiotic but expensive but I find two a day really helps, also Oxypowder which I buy online, also very good GI specialists in London area - on NHS but referral can take a long time - don't know about other areas - locally I was offered a colostomy which I turned-down and had to appeal and wait for referral for 2nd opinion which am in process of getting

Thanks for all your replies - Polly -I did try Prucalopride 2 years ago, which gave me more wind and pains so had to stop after 10 days.

I am very intolerant of a lot of drugs and after 17 days of the Constella will now stop it as not helped with constipation and possibly giving me gastritis??

Matusadonna & Bibabunny - I use ground flax as very sensitive to whole seeds and anything scratchy on digestion, I cut up soft organic apricots 3 or 4x a week but not in the evening. I also have been keeping diaries for several years. This latest flare up has now lasted for 10 weeks and am not able to have fish or raw food anymore - chicken and the starchy veg are best but the inflamed gut means I have to eat small and often. I'm not gettimg enough sleep cos of the pain and so probably not helping to heal. I find certain herbs the most helpful but they do not work overnight. I've been on Citalopram for 3 weeks because of the pain causing so much anxiety and that can take 4 weeks to settle down so hoping soon will get some balance.

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