Hi everyone,

I have been diagnose with diverticulitus a couple of months ago. I was put on fodmap a gluten and lactose free diet. I did start to feel better for a little while and then started eating normal again, but now started to feel really sick in a morning when I get up.

Any ideas as to what it is? Should I go back on fodmap? Does anyone else feel sick like me all the time?

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  • The fact that you felt better and once you started eating the regular foods again and you feel worse is clearly your body telling you to stay away from those foods. I am gluten-free and dairy free so I can say I totally relate I reach a point where I will rationalize eating certain foods that I know have milk for example in them and then sure enough my pain in my hands comes back. The milk molecule and the gluten molecule is so similar that if the body is attacking the gluten it will do the same to milk so that's why when they say gluten free you should also go dairy free because your body sees both as the same. Trust what you've now learned about how you body responds to gluten and dairy and take the next step forward Dont Eat Either!

    I struggle myself and I have fallen at times like for example recently I was eating some pudding that I knew had milk in it and sure enough I get the pain in my hands! Good Luck

  • I am a firm believer that the food we eat has as much to do with illnesses and not feeling well it sounds like you definitely do not tolerate gluten or dairy. It is a lifestyle change for sure because you will be eating totally different but if it is more important to you to feel good but have limitations on what you eat and make the change on the other hand if feeling bad isn't such a bad deal then continue to eat gluten and dairy obviously you'll decide what works for you I hope you don't think I'm sounding rude it's just that you know what to do you just have to go back to doing yet I went through the same thing I get it hundred percent I am already doing what you should be doing so I think I'm an affair position to answer you honestly and say this. The good news is we know better the bad news is there's a lot of people who will suffer for the rest of their lives because they won't ever realize that gluten and dairy is what is the root cause of their health problems.

  • I agree that if on gluten and lactose free diet you should just stay on it. The idea of Fodnaps is to find out which foods upset you and then get rid of them. I have found that I can eat a very small amount of both if for instance I have to eat out but I know it will affect me later that day or the next day and I also steer clear of soya lentils beans sweet corn onions and quite a few other things. It's difficult at times but definitely worth it for making my life generally better. Good luck

  • Thank you for your replies. Do you have lactose free dairy then or do you not have any at all? Does it make you feel sick because at the moment I can't get rid of the sickness! I just don't know what to eat and fill myself up! X

  • Yes, it is easy to have a lactose free diet if you buy Arla Lacto free milk which is sold in Tesco and other shops. When you wish to have something with milk in it, take a tablet which you can buy from Holland & Barrett called Super Lactase Enzyme. I have found these tablets to be so useful, as when one is abroad it is very difficult to find lactose free milk. Even in this country I always take a bottle of them with me, and in fact, have a bottle in my handbag at all times, so that I can eat more normally, and even treat myself with cream or ice cream etc when I want to. I don't wish to exclude dairy from my diet as I think there is so much goodness in it, and I find that soya doesn't agree with me (not that I like it anyway). Good luck!

  • Thank you, I will get some of those from Holland and Barrett as I'm going on a cruise soon and can take them with me. Thank you for your help!

  • I dont do dairy at all even if its lactose free. I think that whats harmful in milk is called casein. But again its the similarity to the gluten molecules that makes milk as bad as gluten. When in doubt I don't eat it. And this is another case of when in doubt. You might research this to verify but if you are suffering badly just eliminate it. Hope this helps

  • I have almond milk on my cereals as it lactose free and delicious but

    dislike it in tea. But the small amount of semi skimmed I put in my tea

    doesnt seem to bother me. I have also found that onion that is boiled,

    as in chinese food has no effect either, but I do only have a little.

  • Thank you, I will try the almond milk.

  • i don't feel sick, but i have cramps and a right'sided ache/itch all of the time. i've been to doctors of every kind as well as a nutritionist. My diagnosis is diverticulosis and i'm told not to eat nuts. but the dr. also thinks it might be IBS. nothing so far. My dr. recommended WSL#3. it is a probiotic . i will receive it today.

  • There is such a thing called candida overgrowth which can cause ibs symptoms as well as itching. Some physicians will say that bloodwork for this is not reliable because every human being has some candida in their bodies. You might research it to see if this might be your problem i know theres a 35 dollar at home test u can buy on amazon called Candia5 you get the results in 10 minutes

  • Candida overgrowth maybe?

  • You cannot go back.. you will more than likely need to stay on the diet for the rest of your life.

  • You gotten some really good replies...AND... I want to thank you for your post... I have been sitting here most of the morning REALIZING that I have GOT to go on and stick to a GRAIN FREE (that ain't easy!!!! :( ) diet... It cleared up my ibs once before then I started cheating and got away with it for a long time...but have been paying the piper ever since.

    So...hey...lets BOTH of us do what we need to do and realize that it is ADDICTION to eating certain foods that is harming us...and we CAN beat this!! OK??? OK!!! Good luck! :)

  • Thank you everyone for taking the time to reply to my message. There is some good advise there! X

  • I have had ibs for about 12 months now, I have been to the doctors so many times, I have been given several different medications and nothing has really relieve my symptoms apart from buscopan for the cramping pains I get.

    The last couple of weeks, I have been including wheat and dairy lactose free products within my diet to see if this improves my ibs symtoms. I must say I have seen an improvement but I do think when I have something that has wheat or dairy in it , makes my symtoms come back.

    i do feel I am still finding it hard to see what food Is trigging my ibs or not helping my symtoms anyway.

    Does anyone think it'd a good idea when I go back to see my doctor to see if he can refer me to an specialist/consultant ? As like a second opinon etc

  • Im wondering if your not following the gluten free/dairy free 100% of the time. Because if so than that would explain this in my opinion. It takes reading every label , I mean every label! Than you will know when you get a symptom that you ate something mistakenly.

    Its a lifestyle change for sure. Soooo if I am on target here than the answer is no you dont need another doctor.

  • I think you should ask to see a dietician & discuss a FODMAP DIET. It's a long & tricky rd but we'll with it. Good luck

  • I'm sure it is and ok thank you

  • I've been constipated for over 2 years through methadone treatment, the blood on the stool used to come and go but past couple of months its on every movement like red jelly and right into the grooves on the stools which are always solid balls of varying colour. Also i've noticed lately tiny coco pop size nuggets welded to some, would think its worth a trip to gp for possible divertaculitus , maybe i could try staying off gluten ,dairy? thanks rob41

  • Constipation could be from not enough water. Could this be some of the problem? Blood in your stool in itself warrants medical attention. Could be a GI bleed. Seek a physician immediately!

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