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How long does Symprove take to work nearly at end of week 2, First week was better now it is very loose but increased the dosage 20 to 30ml

I have ordered another bottle as it says 90 days but this is getting me down its like I am still taking the fybergel it is making my bowels open too much and not firming up. I started on the 20 now on the 30 but meant to be taking 50 so dread how that is going to be any information of what others have done please

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Don't make the mistake of thinking that probiotics work for everybody, they don't, and in some cases, can exacerbate an existing problem.

It depends entirely on whether your IBS-D is down to lack of good gut bacteria or has another cause altogether. If your gut flora are generally good anyway, then probiotics of any brand won't improve them. If only some of your gut flora are low, then it may help to take a probiotic which contains just those particular bacterial strains.

Whilst probiotics undoubtedly work for some people, the jury's still out for the most part. For me, they were all a complete waste of money.


I find probiotics invaluable and really helpful. Try switching brands - I use Probio 7. Don't give up on it until you've at least tried another sort, Good luck!

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Have you tried elimination for the diarrhoea symptoms - it is all dairy products for me.


Dear Rebecca

The amount of Symprove you take daily must correspond to your body weight! If you weight 10 stone you need to take 60ml every day. There is a measuring chart in the packaging of the Symprove box. I was on Symprove for around 6 months and then stopped and my symptoms gradually returned. I am back on Symprove now for the last 3 months and will go on a maintenance dose for the next batch. I am taking 60ml per day so will reduce that to 30 ml per day. This is also recommended by the manufacturers. I hope this helps.



Hi Debbie I should be on 50ml but I have been on 30ml for the last 2 weeks, I have loose bowels every morning about 2 hours after I have taken the symprove and then seem to go again late afternoon. I have had a couple of bad days which gets me down and fed up with a bad tummy all the time. I don't know if to continue or just give in. I am at start of week 4 on Sat.

I have been to the DR as I kept getting flushing poo's (like explosive) and always felt like I needed to go again. GP said it was IBS symptoms and there is the door .


If you are slim then you may need only a smaller amount. I think you would know by now if it suits you. Perhaps try a probiotic with Bifido bacterium in, as Symprove is only Lactobacillus. There many on the market speak to nutritionist free at the Nutri Centre.

Good luck


Hi Rebecca

I do not have the same symptoms as yourself but have IBS-C. I have been taking the recommended dose of Symprove for five weeks, I have not yet found any improvement but I am going to continue with it for the three months, if after this time I have found no benefit I will try a different good quality probiotic. I hope you soon see an improvement with the Symprove.


Hi Rebecca,

I have found the same as you with Symprove. Started at 20mls then by the time I got to 30-40 it upset me and made me very loose and a lot more pain. I left it off and emailed the company for advice. They said as I am quite light to stay on the smaller dose for a month. However, I have been trying again and now am in terrible pain with worse wind and bloating. I normally tend towards IBS-C. I have regretfully come to the conclusion that Symprove is not helpful to me, although would like to know why it seems to make me worse. Sorry I can't give a more positive comment but interesting to know you have reacted similarly to me. Take care. Ros


Hi Ros sorry you are having all this trouble I am quite fed up with all it now and I should be on the 50ml but for two weeks stayed on the 30ml. Seem to go twice a day morning and late afternoon but it is like I am still taking fybergel as it is not forming properly and stomach aches all the time. Don't know if I should continue or not.


Hi Rebecca, Oh how we suffer! I stopped Symprove a week ago and am still in more pain than usual, I can feel my bowel jerking and squeezing and the wind obviously gets caught in pockets. It seems to me that Symprove is a very potent probiotic with it's own prebiotic, so perhaps all this bacteria activity going on in our highly sensitive insides is just too much. I can't see much point in continuing with something that is obviously upsetting me. Maybe you're braver than me and can persevere for a bit longer, the Symprove people said a month. I wish you well, let me know how you go

Best wishes & happy (pain free) Christmas. Ros.


hi Rebecca

I'm on Symprove and I'm on my second week the 1st week I did feel a little better,but 2 days into the second week I have very loose bowel movement ,but I did read that this can happen when you first start taking Symprove but it should settle down but they didn't say when I'm taking 60ml per day , and Like you I would like to know how long I will have to wait befor I feel any improvement. Is there any one out there who has taken SYmprove and had the same symptons and did it improve? .



Are you taking ibs medications with this or just the symprove by itself?


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