ive read that taking high dose VIT D3 can help with IBS,I had my blood tested and it was 15.6,ive been taking 5,000iu of VIT D3 for a week,does anyone know how long it takes before you feel the benefit,Thank you

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  • There's a trail of a VIt D/probiotic supplement going to take place at Sheffield University (reported in the BMJ) BUT high doses of VitD can be damaging to heart and kidney, I think, so I wouldn't try it without medical advice.

  • I had a blood test and it came back 15.6, normal should be 50,so I was advised to take 5,000 a day for 3 months and then have another test done,I read about someone in a paper who tried it and it almost cured her IBS so thought I'd give it a try since ive tried everything else over almost 20yrs.Heres hoping it helps i'm now at my wits end and sick of living with this anyway so will try anything

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