Hi everyone.im having a tough week this week.my stomach ache has been non stop,i havent any appetite at all.i went to the drs yesterday and it was a waste of time.im sure they think its in my head because ive tried different tablets for the pain.what ever i eat when i do eat doesnt make any different.i feel so down and alone.i feel like no one believes me how bad it is.i dont mean people on here.im getting depressed and so unhappy.i hope everyone is having a better week than me.x

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  • Hey Torchy. You are not alone. I had a really good week last week. I was on holiday in the lake district and for the most part my stomach was pretty good. However this week back at work and im really struggling. Have a bad stomach ache this morning and no appetite at all. Just like i was before i went away. I just dont understand it, there doesnt seem to be any pattern. Ive given up on the doctors because all they ever do is prescribe some immodium and tell me to go away. Sometimes it just feels hopeless.

  • Hi Ivesy.im glad someone understands me.there is no pattern whatso ever.i go for a.cat scan tomorrow.im scared of what they could find.i admit to be a worrier and anxious but i have reason to be from my past.im ao hurt that even my own daughter thinks some of its in my mind when i told her i thought the drs thought that.im so unhappy i could cry.i dont know where to turn to or who now.i hope you feel easier soon.and i understand how you are.take care and thankyou for replying to me.x

  • hi

    im so much better on holiday too. try to eat drink and do the things you do on holiday when at home. iv found i drink less tea, coffee, eat less chocolate,walk, swim a bit and read more on holiday. iv ibs today so not good when trying to go to work.

    hope this helps


  • Thanks Graham, im glad to know im not the only one. I just find it so hard to get up and about when i have to spend all my day at work. It drains all my energy so that by the time i get home i have no energy or motivation to do naything else. I guess thats what i need to break out of, but its so hard!

  • helloTorchy.exactly how I am feeling,same with doctors -waste of time,at A&E Monday and because so busy they just wanted me out of the way.know one believes me either (apart from close friends)when i say I feel so ill and like you I have no appetite.they say I don't have anything going on because they cant feel any mass in my stomach even though I tell them it is distended sore and lumpy to touch.

  • I feel for you cos i know how your feeling.even my daughter thinks some of it is in my head.i go for a cat scan tomorrow n in dreading it cos i get nervous n that makes stomach worse doesnt it.at least we both know now that there is someone else who feels the same.take care.keep in touch n let me know how your doing.x

  • will do torchy.if it wasn't for other members who are the only ones who really understand what we have to contend with ,where would we be?hope your scan goes well.let me know.

  • Yes you are right patricia.if we hadnt got the support and understanding of the people on here i dont know what we would do.yes ill let you know how it goes tomorrow.thank you.

  • Ive had a lot of tests including blood tests, stool tests, endoscopy, 2x Colonoscopy, CT colonoscopy and they cant find anything (other than an hiatus hernia). But yet i still feel crappy most days. I take amitriptyline each night before bed but it doesnt seem to be helping at all anymore. Ive tried going gluten and dairy free and nothing seems to help. Its so frustrating. I wish they had found something just so that i could know and do things to get better. Im getting to the point that i feel im getting depressed. Do you guys feel like that?

  • hi

    iv suffered for 20+ years.my latest experiments are with table form pro-biotics which supposed to survive the stomach acid and get to the colon unlike Yakult supermarket types shop types. no clea sign of improvement after 3 months.

    now trying Silicolgel which was recommended on this site by some users who found it worked for them. only been on this since Tuesday so too soon to judge. have now requested cognitive therapy thru my g.p. awaiting appointment. can get you down if its one day after another. I'm usually sufferer 2- 3 days a week.mild or acute pain.

    iv gone back to taking amytripline which doesn't now make me constipated

    .only take 1 tab an evening as when tried 2 i couldn't get up in the mornings for work! too drowsy.

    some people aren't wheat tolerant not just gluten intolerant.

    think high sugar content will trigger ibs for me so cutting back on sweets choc. etc.

    Try to stay positive as im sure negative thoughts make ibs worse.

    God Bless


  • Hi Graham, do you mind me asking your age? Ive not heard of silcolgel. Please let me know how you get on with it. Im on 30mg amitriptyline at the moment but to be honest it doesn’t seem to be helping at all. It could well be causing my tiredness/fatigue. I definitely think that state of mind/stress has a powerful effect. I haven’t felt this down before so im sure this is manifesting itself in my symptoms. It’s a vicious circle. The only time ive had relief in the past 4/5 months is when ive been on holiday. If only my life could be a permanent holiday! Wouldn’t that be nice. How do you find working and suffering from the IBS, do you find that it has an effect on your performance? I constantly fear that it will get to the point that I cant work, and the knock on effect that would have on my life. I guess my head is full of negative thoughts at the moment.

  • Hi I'm 60.i think 30mg too high.it would put me to sleep.work can be difficult.usually tabs n rest lunchtime see me thru the day.can flexi time a bit an sometimes take hol day to recover if had a bad day.driving doesn't help as cant take medicine.often traffic jams making 1.hr plus journey.which doesn't help.askme about silcolgel in a week or two. Hope you soon feel better.gra

  • Yes ivesy i do feel like that and more cos i think the drs at my surgery think its all in my head cos ive had to try different tablets n theyve made me more constipated or made my stomach worse.ive no appeite as i said and dont want to eat,but i know that makes me worse.you sound so much like me.im on amitripyline,tramadol for my pain n i hate taking that cos its so hard to come off but its the thing that helps with my pain.fibregel and ive tried buscapan,colafac and now theyve given me alverine n ive read that on the leaflet u shouldnt take that if your over 40.so im going back to buscapan.i dont want to go to the drs anymore cos i know they think its in my head n im getting depressed like you are.you could go on on about this awful illness couldnt you.take care.keep in touch n let me know how your doing.x

  • hello Ivesy

    yes I do and anger and frustration thrown in for good measure because no-one takes me seriously and like torchy says once one dr decides " its all in your head" it sticks .I don't see how they cannot be concerned when I tell them I don't eat because never hungry! surely that should ring alarm bells.

  • Patricia.i told my drs times ive no appetite and because of it my weight has gone down n i wasnt that big before.they just ignore it.

  • hi Trish still having a bad day, you would think that with the medication they have that they could give you something to easy the pain, its so sad that your going though this day after day i know you not on your own with this problem so there most be something out there for you take care my friend speak to you soon your friend Alan xx

  • Hi alan.ive had stomach ache for 3 days now n even tramadol isnt helping at the moment.then the professionals think its in our heads.what a load of rubbish.ive got a hot water bottle on it now cos i cant stand it anymore.i hope your feeling alright and that you have had a good day.thinking of you.x x

  • torchy,

    hot water bottle and microwaveable wheat pads give more relief than any painkillers.has your weight dropped but stomach remains distended?ive lost over a stone yet stomach increasing.they gave me morphine on Monday which helped but by time I saw a dr the pain was back up to "10".they only got a dr when I asked for more pain relief and felt hot and like I was going to faint.dr said she can t feel anything but said also if stomach becomes more distended then come back.as i only have a part time gp may have to if don't feel any better -nauseous and pain extreme.

  • Hi patricia.thank you for replying.i had an hot water bottle on my stomach last night,its the only thing that helps when the pain is really bad.i had weekend in hospital in july.they gave me an ultra sound n an ordinary xaray.they couldnt see anything so they sent me home and gave me tramadol.i had to go on a drip n my blood pressure was low and so was pulse.i wouldnt like to go back in.i hope you dont have to.my dr like yours only works part time n its so hard to see the same one isnt it.yes ive lost just about 2 stone in a year.like u i dont want to eat when ive got very bad pain and feeling so nauseus.ive told them times i have no appette n they just ignore it.i do hope you get some one to help you.i know what your going through.ive got to go for my cat scan in a while.im even nervous about that.i do hope you feel easier soon.keep in touch n let me know how you are.x

  • Hi, try aloe Vera drink, Holland and Barrett , it's on shelf, not the one in chiller. I take a tablespoon three times a day and I have not had a pain after eating since I started it about three weeks ago! I've had IBS for over 20 years, I cannot get over the difference, I'm so excited!!! Try it and let me know.

  • Thank you for that.i will have to try it.

  • Have you tried FODMAPS and you could also try self hypnosis on cd's from IBSaudioprogram100.com

    It is a 100 day course which helped me a lot.

  • so sorry to hear how poor;y you are. iv got ibs today so feeling rough. zydol can make ibs worse. regular codeinne can too. have you kept a food dairy to detect foods.

    buscopan n paracetml help some people. help me if pain is in belly otherwise if in groin area i take mybentol and paractomal ,hot water bottle.

    have you tried Fodmap diet? helped me.

    walking can help if you are well enough to do this.

    hope this helps. try to stay positive.


  • Thank you gra.i will tell you later cos im just off to have my cat scan.x

  • Hi gra.ive been for my cat scan and im home now.it wasnt to bad.i was really nervous n anxious and i know that makes our stomach worse.but i have a reason i am like that.i wont get my results yet the consulant who refferd me will send me an appt when he has the results.i just pray to god that they dont find anything cos ill be to scared to let them anywhere near me.i hope your feeling alright n your day has bin ok.

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