Is it Ibs or something worse?

I've been getting groin pain that travels up my left side of the stomach they are sharp pulsating pains. About an hour ago I let myself drop sitting down on a bed and I got this pain as if a ball of gas went from my groin to my stomach and then the constant stabbing pains only on my left side of the abdomen. I was looking up symptoms and it's says aortic abdominal aneurysm :( I'm 25 overweight mother of 4, I also have severe anxiety issues.

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hi . pain in groin is quite common with ibs. but i would advise getting checked out there's so many aches and pains with ibs that you could be overlooking something else .better safe than sorry.


Thanks for replying, luckily I had a doctors appointment today. Doctor said groin pain was muscle related and the stomach pain acid reflux

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