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IBS or something more serious?


I have had "IBS" for as long as I can remember. I cant finish a meal most days without my stomach cramping up in excruciating pain and having to run to the toilet with diarrhea. If I cant get to a toilet quick enough my whole body shivers and I sweat. I have pain constantly in my lower stomach predominantly on the left hand side and my hips on the left hand side often go numb. I have had 8 anal fissures in the space of 2/3 months as well, I've kind of got used to the pain now though. My stool usually contains a lot of mucus and is usually bright yellow but I do get colds a lot so this could contribute I suppose. I guess I'm just asking could this possibly be crohns disease? I have been tested for celiacs disease and when it came back negative I was sent on my way! Its really ruling my life. I cant go for meals with my friends and family because half way through my food I have to leave for 10 minutes to go to the toilet and they ask questions. Thank you for reading. I've made a doctors appointment anyway cos I'm really cracking down on this! But I'm just asking for your opinions.. *not sure if this is relevant but I have acid reflux, back spasms, dry sore eyes, stress urine incontinency, pcos, depression and am waiting on diagnostic laparoscopy to confirm endometriosis

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Yeh - time to rule out other things to narrow this down.

If the GP is not helpful just get yourself to casually and plié on the agony till you see a gastroenterologist. Go on a time when it is less busy. Don't be aggressive just cry a lot and beg for help. I have known this to work


You need to have a gastroscopy and endoscopy to really find out if it's 'just IBS', which is diagnosed when other causes have been ruled out

Insist on a referral to hospital or get a GP second opinion

Ask doctor to do a full lipid profile (fats in blood) and a liver function test. I suffer like that and mine is because of NAFLD non alcoholic fatty liver disease. I thought for years I had IBS until I had further tests. Yellow poo is too much fat. Whilst you may not think you have much fat there is a lot in foods you wouldn't necessarily think of fatty but if your liver isn't coping it will expel it quickly - ie the runny yellow poo and the urgency in which you have to go. I also used to sweat like that. Still do sometimes if I've eaten something that doesn't agree with me. Especially this Xmas! My family are used to it now but it is embarrassing and I've avoided eating out because of it. Good luck x

You are certainly going through it at " JBrKing is right about the liver, but it can also be too much acid and this turns your poo yellow too, I suffered like this for years, and I started taking notice of what foods my body didn't like, and once I omitted them from my diet, things calmed down, at times water would even kick start it.. I would definitely go to see your Doc , you need to have test done. Ask the Doc for all the test you would like if you are worried about chrones or any other , do you take anything for your reflux, if not ask your Doc about that too.

I hope your Laparoscopy results come back clear for you. Have a chat with doc about all your problems. I hope you get all the answers you need. Take care.x

Have you lost a lot of weight since stools turned yellow. If so, you may not be digesting your food properly and need to see a Doctor again. If you lose 10% or more of your body weight then they must run tests. Good luck.

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I have not lost any weight, I am a little overweight actually but I have PCOS with insulin resistance which makes it really hard for people with it to lose weight xx


Firstly thank you so much everybody for replying! I will definitely mention NAFLD to my doctor and see what she thinks. Doctors never take me seriously! I think because I'm 21 they see me as a hypochondriac/child. I think the A and E thing may be on the cards!!

I've tried a gluten and dairy free diet and it really helped (it helped my PCOS symptoms too) but it was very restricting and it didn't eliminate my symptoms completely so I gave it up! (silly I know)...

Another thing with this as well, is that I'm sooo tired all the time. I can sleep 9 hours a night and wake up feeling shattered and ill then I come home from work and nap for 3 hours, have my tea and a bath and then still have a full nights sleep! That could be the PCOS though? I literally never have any energy :-( xxx

Do you drink vegetable juice ? If you don't then start. Carrots, romaine lettuce and celery about 500ml a day. Buy a second hand juicer off eBay if you can.

I have all these symptoms! But instead of diohera I get constipated! I have a urostomy bag.& instead of having trouble with the bag.its tbowels I suffer with!! Ruined my life!! &.after 10 months of agony I.m Still waiting to see a specialist! ! Depressed to the hilt!!xx


I've had IBS for whole of my life.

I'am on medication for it by my GP., but the medication seem's to make no difference to it as i'am still plagued by it.

I go from one extreme to another, I either get constipation or diarrhoea, there's never a happy medium I'm afraid to say.

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