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Anal gas leakage & flatulence... any suggestions ?

Hello everyone

I’ve posted a similar message on MedHelp.org.... it has been about 5 y since I got this smelly gas or wind leaking nonsense disease, I know I am not alone now after reading many similar stories, I actually felt relief a bit that I am not the one and only, but I got depressed that no one has found a cure.

As you know its a very complicated problem that no doc knows about it, I have visited tens of docs, but no one has a clue about what I am suffering from or what is going on.

I think becuz there are not many ppl have it and maybe its a combination of many issues & disorders that affect different parts of the digestive system and cause this disease or issues!

So, since the docs do not know this case even exists I wanna suggest smth maybe will help us to get the right treatment';

I have heard that there are lots of help groups in the UK that can support and help ppl with TMAU to find the best way to deal with their problem (TMAU). They also interact a lot with the scientists working to find improved treatments.

So why not we do the same thing(I mean making a group for this new disease under group of doctors in one hospital at one place ) , cauze there are a lot of benefits of it such as;

- doctors will finally understand what we are dealing with and believe us, they can’t deny our problem or just send us to psychiatrists!

- we can share our problems, support each and other become friends, I personally have no friends and I feel so lonely and heart broken.

-if one of us get over his problem, this, will help the rest to know exactly what is the nodus that cause the smell or the other symptoms, I mean it will be easier for doctors to diagnose the disease and easier for us to work on the healing process even if it takes a big effort and long time

we shouldn't live the rest of our lives in this situation, I have read a story about a man who is still having this prob since he was 20 y o, and now he is 40, he mentioned that he has no wife no kids and never had a girlfriend during his life


If you have other suggestions and solutions for how to get over this awkward sickness please share your opinion and reply, at the end we have to do smth about our miserable lives & take action... heartbreak and bemoaning won’t help.

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Hey, Alime,

Not sure that 2 years after your post you will even see this, but worth a try. I see nobody has replied to your comment and as I'm trawling through the web trying to make sense of the same issue which I have, I thought I'd see if you have had any luck in resolving it since? Are you/ were you sure that the condition was in fact TMAU?

Hoping you see this and get in touch, I completely sympathise with your condition and I agree nobody should have to suffer with such a setback in life :(



I have this too - exact same thing. Any thing to help that you have found since would be good to hear.

I have yakult to keep me regular. Fibre to help system work. Charcoal pads in underwear. Still get the problem. AM trying to cut out lactose too, and reduce gluten though I still have some bread. I had gastroenteritis and it has been since then - in my 20's.

If you would like you can personal message me on facebook. Let me know if you want to connect I have another 2 friends that has the same issue.


Cn i contct u?i hv d sme issue


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