Hi, I have IBS for many years now, Tried all sorts, what keeps me going is a strict fod diet. I have the suspicion of fungi/candida in the

gut. I asked my Dr to test me, but he kept saying that such a thing does not exists, now I have changed Dr, and I will ask him as well. My question is: has any one tried Nystan oral suspension?, this supposed to kill overgrowth of fungi in the gut. With some positive responses I might feel a bit more confident to ask my Dr for the medicine.

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  • Western Drs do not recognise Candida. Do a web search for Naturopath or nutritionists who do treat Candida. Alternatively you can find out yourself which treatments to do and do it for a month. Beware of the 'die off' symptoms if you do this. The bacteria is being killed off but you feel worse symptoms wise for a few hours to a couple of days. Just drink lots of water to flush it through.

  • Hi I can confirm that oral nystan worked for me...not IBS tho but I had thrush whilst breast feeding and it sorted that instantly. Have u tried an anti-candida diet? Also I'll add the doctor I went to refused to believe you can get thrush in your breasts and wouldn't treat me other than give a cream for external use!...so I changed doctors and insisted I get treatment

  • Mu suggestion would be to check with the Doctor before taking any medication so you have a second opinion. According to a Google search Candida can exist in the gut so check that out and ask the Dr to check that also.

  • Patients have the right to ask for what they feel might be the problem, because no one knows their body better than you do. I'm just saying. Some Dr.s are open to it some aren't. The trick is to find one that really listens to you.

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