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I am wondering what on earth happened.

Last night I cooked an omelet in my usual way, nothing different, mushrooms and cheese.

At 5am this morning I woke with unspeakable pain in my belly and right side, went to the loo and emptied out with great pain. Felt nauseous, pain continued even now s little less but very sore, intestines feel like I have eaten glass. Just wondered if anyone else has this kind of reaction, could it be that I am now intolerant to the eggs and cheese ? thanks

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Could be the mushrooms as they are not on the Ok list on Fodmaps diet or maybe you just had a bad egg


Hi there

Eggs are something I can eat sometimes and sometimes not. Last week I had scrambled eggs and they really upset my tum. A few months ago I made myself a boiled egg and had the same reaction, despite having them in the previous weeks.

I often find the same with other foods. You are not alone and hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for you. :)


Hi Maryelle,

As sashapet says, mushrooms are high in both polyols and oligos and are a real no-no on the FODMAPs diet even in small quantities. Much more likely to be these rather than eggs or cheese.



I am in the same boat - I can eat certain things at times no problem, but the same things can cause a bad reaction. I had a particularly bad week last week, with not only an 'upset stomach, all day, but aching joints to go with it as well as the awful feeling in the pelvic area.

One thing that occurred to me is that we put most gut issues down to our IBS, but long before I had it, I had the odd upset and I am sure it is the same for all of us.


I find if I have a bad bout of ibs I change my diet to really plain food which is not that nice but does the job. I have no clue to why you can eat something for months and months then one day your tummy decides "I don't like this" and gives you hell for the next few days.

I do find eating small portion and exercising helps as well.


A lot of people can't eat mushrooms or cheese


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