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Feeling a lot better


Hi all

I wrote in here a few months ago and said that my doctor referred me to see a Dietician so I could follow the low FODMAP diet under a Dietician; I had my first appointment in January and my second one last week. I had to keep a food diary for a week in readiness for my first appointment and then I was asked to keep a food diary for 8 weeks. I ended up keeping a diary for 9 weeks as I had to rearrange my second appointment.

I have to say that this has made a difference with me as it made me very conscious on everything that I was putting into my mouth; I weighed most foods and used a spoon and measuring jug for measuring other foods/drinks. What I used to do before keeping a diet sheet was say cut off some cheese and not even look to see how much I was eating but keeping a diet sheet has taught me to weigh some foods so I'm eating a lot less cheese now.

I now know that I cannot eat grapes and was aware before that I couldn't eat raw carrots or onions, sweetcorn and thought that baked beans may be a problem, I can now confirm that baked beans are definitely a problem. I also worked out from the meals I had on Wednesday and Thursday this week that broad beans are also a problem. I've also found out that I can tolerate a certain amount of broccoli, mind you I have started buying organic broccoli.

What I am saying here is keeping a diet sheet may be laborious but it's definitely worth it.

All the very best to all of you on here.

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Hi crazy itness, I too am on the fodmap diet, currently week 4 of my restricted part.

According to the app given to me by the hospital, grapes are okay to eat on this diet.

I hope you get relief soon. I am starting to feel slightly better now after having seriously bad is after a major bowel and bladder operation (clam ileocystoplasty ) .

Keep in touch and hopefully we'll both get encouraged by this diet.

Lots of hugs rose

crazyfitness in reply to Rozieb

Hi there Rozieb, what I have been doing is just writing down everything I eat and drink, how much it weighs or how many, whether I have any symptoms and what my stool is like, I've not actually been following the low FODMAP diet but this is something that I will follow religiously if I need to. It's watching everything I eat and drink and thinking about everything I put into my mouth that has helped enormously and unfortunately grapes for me do seem to be a trigger, that's the trouble with IBS not everyone is the same, it would be so much easier to do something about it if we were.

I'm so pleased you are starting to feel slightly better and glad that you are recovering after major surgery.

I will certainly post on here to let everyone know how I'm doing.

I'm at present making recipes out of the Clever Guts Diet Recipe book and there are recipes in there that are good for those suffering with IBS (you need to follow the recipes in Phase 1 in the book).

Take care and here's to you feeling a lot better soon and being rid of this horrible condition.

Alicia x

That’s good that the fodmac is helping as you get to know the windy goods are definitely out like onions, cabbage, cauliflower. I find potatoes, sweet potatoes, spinach, carrots with a piece of fish or small piece of meat, not fatty. Cream can also be a trigger. Eating smaller amounts also helps, and watch too much bread.

Good luck

crazyfitness in reply to 82-1

Hi 82-1, thank you so much for your reply, it is much appreciated.

I've not actually started the low FODMAP diet as yet but have been keeping a very comprehensive diet sheet for the Dietician for the past 9 weeks and it has helped enormously. I seem to be able to eat cooked onions and cooked cauliflower albeit I don't eat large amounts - I haven't eaten cabbage in a very long time as I actually went off it. I do eat a lot of sweet potatoes and carrots and absolutely love salmon - I am a pescatarian. I am only eating sourdough bread and it's homemade so I know exactly what's in it and am finding that is helping.

All the very best to you. :)

Hi Fodilicious, thank you very much for your reply and fantastic that the low FODMAP diet helped you and you ended up starting up a food business, that's very good news.

I'm not actually following the low FODMAP diet but been keeping a very comprehensive diet sheet for the Dietician for the past 9 weeks and found it so very helpful and it's made me much more aware what I am putting into my mouth. I have found that grapes are a trigger with me so am now avoiding those.

The diet I followed about a year and a half ago in preparation for a Colonoscopy made me feel so much better but I hated it as I ended up eating white bread and potatoes. For a start I hate packaged bread, particularly white, and rarely eat white potatoes, I eat sweet potatoes. I have to say though that it did make me think about what I was eating and what was possibly disagreeing with me.

I am now very mindful on what I am eating and what is in my food so everything I eat is cooked from scratch albeit that's the way I have cooked most of my life but in the past I have had some convenience food but not any more.

All the very best with your business. :)

Ohhh this is exciting, I'm so glad it's working for you! My diet is working for me too, I'm happy we've found things that are giving us relief.

crazyfitness in reply to Lumidna

Thank you Lumidna, agree that it is so good when you find something that works for you, it's certainly down to diet for me. I'm so glad that you have found relief by working on your diet.


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