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severe nausea solutions please!

been diagnosed with i b s c.had every test/scan available.have very bad trapped wind at bed time which im unable to release(not asleep until 3-5am)now also have severe nausea 24/7.tried Metroclopramide & mottilium ,ginger tea ,flat cola,travel sickness pills to no avail! these symptoms are dictating my life & making me very miserable.any advice most welcome

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I have PD and suffer from this. Takes me hours to fall asleep. Neuro has prescribed klonopin and I also take valerian and melatonin. For nausea I use the strongest ginger possible, usually crystal ginger. I eventually fall asleep. If I wake up after 3 or 4 hours, I take another klonopin and hope for the best.


hello Pat V,thanks for your prompt reply! not heard of klonopin(im in uk) & is melatonin only available from doctors ? forgot to add ive tried crystal ginger also .you mentioned you suffer from P D sorry not heard of this,presume its like i b s? good to know im not alone with these symptoms,thanks once again regards Ann


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