Sorry guys, this one is for the girls !!

Hi girls

I know that ibs can get worse around the time of our period but over the last couple of months I seem to be really suffering three or four days before I come on. I am getting feelings of really bad period pain which usually lasts a minute or two and then eases off, this happens every half hour to an hour or so. I don't suffer period pain normally and don't suffer with it whilst I'm on just these days leading up to it, usually get a couple of bouts of diarrhoea too. Does anyone else experience this?

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  • Hi Kerry, Thanks for the reply, guess we all have to just trudge on as best we can, I will try your tip about the fruit and veg though, thanks alot.

  • Thanks Kerry, I will do, it's always comforting knowing there are other people out there who feel the same way as you.

  • I also suffer from pretty much exactly the same problems. Have just started the FODMAP diet so hoping that will help, will let you know. I might try the Pukka Aloe Vera also.

  • Hi there

    I have actually just bought a book on FODMAP diet and am about half way through, am going to try it also, we'll have to maybe try and let each other know how we get on.

  • Hi Sammi7,

    I highly recommend the book 'Irritable Bowel Solutions' by Professor John Hunter for all aspects of IBS and, for you in particular, there's a lot of info about it and the menstrual cycle.


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