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IBS and Headaches Case with Kinesiology

Here is the case of a woman with IBS and headaches and how I used Kinesiology to support her.

How many sessions: 6 over a 6 month period

What I did in the clinic: The work has mostly been around reducing stress in her digestion and using Kinesiology techniques for rebalancing the intestinal system. I have also been supporting the endocrine system for the headaches to reduce the stress response in the body. We have also explored areas she “gut reacts” to.

What she/did: Removed wheat and milk from her diet, reduced raw food exposure as imbalanced intestines struggle to digest raw food.

What supplements she took: B complex, Food enzymes, Glandular support, Magnesium, Vitamin C, Vitamin E with Selenium, Milk thistle

What she said: Whilst I found the diet very hard to start with, I soon realised that it was worthwhile. By abstaining from wheat and raw veg/fruit, my stomach settled and I no longer had that bloated look and uncomfortable feeling. The headaches reduced significantly and 6 months on I can honestly say that I have one headache a week as opposed to having a headache for a week. The treatment has changed my life, quite literally and I will recommend Balanced Wellness Clinic without the slightest hesitation.


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is kinesiology like physical therapy? I know physical therapy for ab pain was effective. also apply fodmaps to my diet.


Hi PatV,

Many thanks for your comment.

Kinesiology uses muscles to create a communication with the body to find the underlying imbalances that cause illness. We then support the client with Kinesiology techniques, nutritional recommendations, physical body work, energy reflexes and emotional support to correct the imbalance.

There are some amazing digestive techniques in Kinesiology including the ICV manipulation theibsnetwork.healthunlocke...

And yes we do an ab massage for digestive conditions called Spondylogenic Reflex which works wonders on IBS, gas, bloating and also breathing difficulties and panic attacks.

We welcome any questions you may have about specific symptoms?


i suffer from Abdominal pains and headaches. i am trying for more than 3 years to find a way to get better. these symtoms come and go sometimes followed with fatigue. i think there is a connection between IBS and tention headaches. constant headaches are something i sufffer from and are hard to bear. i once thought that it is candida infection but it doesn't seems to be the real problem or cause.


I agree, I see a lot of connection between IBS and headaches. Are you particularly stressed? Where do you live?


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