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Kicking off the New Year!

Kicking off the New Year!

Welcome to a new, free IBS Network resource delivered through HealthUnlocked.

This new site doesn’t replace the existing IBS Network services – like their helpline or website – but expands what’s available to you and how you share your stories with others. Simply put, this site is an easy and personal way to gather and share information securely from others living with or affected by IBS

The Community Blog is for all members to write about your own experiences. Be optimistic, be funny, be helpful or just vent but be open and honest about life with RA and there’ll probably be a lot of people nodding at their computer in agreement as they read your posts. There are blogging tips here if you're new to it: theibsnetwork.healthunlocke...

And just hit “comment” below a blog entry to add your thoughts on someone else’s blog post. (You can do it on this one as a practice if it’s your first time.)

Questions is a place to ask how others have managed their conditions - maybe if they've had similar side effects, or how IBS has impacted on their career and how you can talk to your employers. Answering with what worked in your own situation is really helpful for others and could give you a lift too.

And you can answer the Poll for a quick way of talking about the impact of IBS.

Like at the school disco, it can be nerve wracking being the first on the floor but it's definitely worth the effort. Our experience tells us that new members - and their input - come in fits and bursts and is definitely affected by how much others get involved in the site. The more you add to it, the more you’ll get from it.

We hope that you will find the new site useful, interesting and rewarding. We’ll be following its development with you and we’re always happy to get feedback so that we can improve what we offer you.

Enjoy it.

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