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New gluten & dairy free blog

Hello everyone,

You have been an enormous help to me over the past 4 years, whether it's answering inane questions or so that I can read up on issues I've been having. You are a life-saver of a community honestly!

I've decided to make a big lifestyle change and I'm going to go exclusively gluten & dairy free having dabbled with both over the years, it's time to do something 'proper'! I wanted to share it with you.

So I decided I would start a blog to share my experiences, trials and tribulations of learning to eat & cook gdfree. I am a Hashimoto's sufferer and I have shared a page of information on my blog about the condition and listed various websites that I find helpful, thyroid uk and health unlocked and both on there.

I am very hopeful that going gdfree might help alleviate some of my ibs symptoms but we'll have to see over time.

If you are at all interested in watching my progress (successes and failures all honestly documented!) please find my blog at:


There is a follow button where you can subscribe to receive my blog posts by email if you would like. I am posting lots of delicious recipes, reviews of books and products, experiments with ingredients and general health tips.

I've literally only just started it so it's a bit of work in progress but I hope some of you might find it interesting and I would love your support! Thanks in advance for reading!

Love Abi x

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Sounds great! I've been suffering with illness and allergy for over 15 years now a nutritionist and have a website with over 130 gluten free vegan healthy recipes too. Check it out if you like coconutandwhat.com


If you are sensitive to grains, going gluten free won't help there are even products out now that state they are gluten free oats etc. But this won't help if you are grain sensitive as you will still be consuming the grain, just not gluten


I've had IGg food intolerance testing done and the only grain it picked up was wheat with a secondary weaker intolerance to gluten generally, so I'm hoping I can get away with other grains but we'll see! Thanks for advice.


I was tested by a local clinic called The Bodyworks near me in Banstead. It was a finger prick IGg test and came back positive for wheat, potato, brazil nut and peanut (minor for gluten and whole egg). I've also had skin spot tests done for a wider gluten and dairy panel including all the various sub categories and it was all negative. I was also tested at the allergy clinic at St Helier hospital because I was having very strange night time reactions to something but also negative for any foods. So not an allergy just an intolerance. I take a nightly anti-histamine and now obviously changing my diet to accommodate it. Fingers crossed.


I sometimes get these strange night time allergy type episodes when I get very hot, red itchy skin, racing heart and nausea often ending in diahorrea . But no one knows what causes it! So the allergist recommended taking the anti histamine as a preventative measure and it seems to be working. I have taken digestive enzymes in the past but an not at the moment. I'm on omeprazole for my reflux and something else for my ibs and they seem to help.


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