Tell us about your IBS & help others

Tell us about your IBS & help others

Do you have IBS?

If you are living a full life with IBS, we would like you to share your story which may help inspire those who are just beginning to learn how to manage their symptoms.

Or, if you are a healthcare professional who would like to share some useful tips, please get in touch.

To find out more or to appear in the next edition of our Gut Reaction magazine email:

We look forward to hearing from you.

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  • I would be happy to be contacted about this, many thanks.

  • Hi. Thanks for getting in touch. Would you mind sending an email to: and we will send you an outline of the information we are looking for. Many thanks.

  • Very happy to help. I am a registered nurse specialist in food intolerance. I test people to see which foods affect them. My website is if you want to get an idea of how I work. I have also written a book about food intolerance which is a compilation of 22 years of experience working in this field...huge amounts of data and stats Andy case histories. Title is Food Intolerance Solutions. I am happy to send you a free copy, or it is available from my website or Amazon.

  • Hi Mary. Thanks for getting in touch. We've just emailed you back directly. Best regards.

  • I've had Post infectious IBS since the beginning of 2014. It was awful at first with 9months of vomiting and diarrhea, plus pain in my upper abdomen that kept me on the couch, not able or wanting to do anything. My husband became my caregiver. Finally, we got the vomiting and diarrhea to stop and then in 2015 I was given nortriptylin to stop the nerves from my abdomen, sending pain signals to my brain. I've been on it ever since. But I still wake up every morning with a sick feeling in my upper abdomen. After I get going and get busy, it goes away most of the time. But at times I feel like crud all day with this. I try not to think about it by keeping busy. Anybody else have this type of continuing pain? I go back to the University of Michigan hospital to give my gastroenterologist an update.

  • oh, I didn't know. Yes, I'm in the US.

  • That's fine. We would still love to hear from you. If you would like to email your details to us and your experiences at: and we can keep in touch directly. Many thanks.

  • I and diagnosed with slow transit constipation so not sure if this counts as IBS. I had surgery last year to remove my sigmoid colon due to looping causing bowel obstruction. I now just take laxido daily and lead a normal life working full time and doing regular exercise.

  • We would recommend talking to your GP for a diagnosis to see whether you have IBS. Hope this helps.

  • I am under the care of a colorectal surgeon. I have STC but wasn't sure if this fits into the IBS bracket that was all.

  • We are the national charity that supports people living with IBS. Your GP or Gastroenterologist would be able to provide you with a diagnosis to see whether you have IBS.

  • Hi, I am 72 years old, active and living a full retirement life. However I have suffered with IBS all my adult life. Diarrhoea almost daily and to travel even to and from work was like a military exercise but long distance flights were and still are my biggest nightmare. I’d be happy to tell my story.

  • Thanks for getting in touch. If possible, would you be able to email us at: - so we can speak to you about your experiences of living with IBS. Many thanks.

  • Pls do contacts me. I am very happy to share my experience. Let me know best way to contact u.


  • It would be lovely to hear your experiences of living with IBS. If you would like to email your story to: - we can discuss directly with you. Many thanks.

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