Please help don't know where to turn

For 15 years I have suffered from diareha and no one will help me find a cause, I have had the camera done from both ends and all was found was a hiatus hernia. I get diarehea everytime I eat, am stressed and even when I haven't had anything nothing I do helps, I am taking mebeverine, loperamide and buscopan it is even stopping from leaving the house what can I do?

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  • I suffer with Ibs d and I take three loperamide a day, 2 buscopan and three alverine, a probiotic and a vitamin every day. I cut out all spicy, fried, dairy, alcohol and smoking and caffeine. This has helped a lot although v stressful situations can set me off for the most part I'm ok.

  • Hi,

    Have you tried any food elimination diets?

  • Hi I have eliminated all fatty foods from my diet and am on a light diet as my doctor says this is best for me but with no benifits :(

  • Hi my diarrhea is chronic it is runny, I get it everytime I eat or am stressed I have never been tested for any bacterial infections as my doctors have put it down to all the surgerys I have had and they expect me to live with it. Nothing has been ruled out ie chrones or ibs even though I had camera not that I know of anyway as it was never mentioned I am due to have the camera again soon though.

    I have thought about doing a home test for food intolerance and sensitivities but not sure if they will work as I don't seem to be greeting anywhere with gp and I feel like I'm just taking up there time and they don't want to know. Thanks for your advice.

  • you've become very anxietious regarding your ibs - Have you considered tranquilisers-

    they will help ?

    or considered joining another GP surgery ?

    Sip very slowly Peppermint tea or Camomile tea-(good at night if you have trouble sleeping)

    avoid coffee /tea for a few days-elimination of certain food/drink is advisable- (as comments from others on this website have stated.)

    Good luck-hope things improve soon.

  • I am on anti depressants because I am so down with it. And I am joining another gp next week because I am getting no help what so ever been in tears tonight as I just can't go out without having diarrehea

  • Okay here I am again! Please please go get tested for SIBO it's a bacterial infection in the small intestines that goes un diagnosed in more than half of IBS patients. Get with a good naturopath dr that specializes is gastro, my naturopath did more for me in one visit than any specialist. I tested extremely high for SIBO, I'm on antibiotics, probiotics & special diet for 3-6 months. Antibiotics can't get rid of all the bacteria. The diet will help kill off the rest. I am looking forward to having my life back :)

  • I wish I could get my life back I've been like this for 15 years I've been in tears tonight because of diareha as I can't control it and its so embarrassing :(

  • That is why I'm on here telling you about SIBO! I have had IBS for 20yrs & know exactly what you are going through, it's one of the most miserable things to go through & people who do not have this do not understand fully how much it rules our lives. Don't give up on this, our bodies are not meant to operate this way, something is causing it & you should not just "deal with it" anymore! If we are given the right tools the stomach will heal itself. Please get tested for this, when I found out I have this condition, I was actually happy to have an answer & start working toward curing it. In the mean time, go on the fodmap diet, the bacteria lives off of sugar, carbs etc.. & robs you of your nutrients.

  • Thankyou I will my hubby says the weight is falling off me I've lost a stone. All I want is a diagnosis and I can deal with it but when I'm fobbed off with its because of all the operations I've had and I have to live with it. It's not my fault I have a disability and that lead to lots of operations feel so lost

  • Another thing, my dr said you can get SIBO from having operations & antibiotic use. Something to think about there!!

  • Thankyou no one ever mentioned this to me I will look into it.

  • Good to read someone possitive , i have had diarrhea for over 3 months

    had the camera nothing, due to see the consultant soon so can now ask for SIBO test, What exactly is fodmap diet, I have so restricted my diet don,t know if i.m doing right ,

  • Ask your GP for a referral to a dietitian who has done the course for the low FODMAPs diet. It works for a lot of people on here, including me, and it may work for you too. You can do the diet on your own if you don't want to wait around for a dietitian and I can tell you where to find the correct info you need to do it. It has to be worth a try.


  • Thankyou I will give it a go can you please tell me where to find the info as I have 2 months to wait before I see anyone about my problems again.

  • The low FODMAP diet initially cuts out 5 food groups: fructans, fructose, lactose, oligos and polyols. It works brilliantly for me, and gives me 95% control over my symptoms. I found a few other triggers outside of these groups (most notably rice and oats), but these were easily identifiable once I’d solved the main problem.

    The best information is at: This is the site for Monash Uni in Australia where the diet was developed. There’s a lot of info on there, plus if you have an iPhone there’s a really useful app you can download. Patsy Catsos's book 'IBS - Free At Last' (available from Amazon) also gives excellent guidance, food lists, recipes and a plan to follow.

  • Hi Calamityjen, sorry you are going through that but do not lose hope. I want to encourage you to not feel like your life is over. A friend of mine had a similar condition and was at the verge of having the nth operation when help came through for her. Email so i can send you her contact information. It does not hurt to get the information she has. All the best my dear, God bless.

  • I would highly recommend taking probiotics (probiotic acidophilus). I have been taking 1 a day for 3 months and my IBS-D symptoms have improved considerably. It isn't a cure (nothing is!), but it has eased the amount of D I have. In the past I had tried the drugs the doctor had prescribed me, and the low fodmap diet with no luck. So I definitely recommend - will take a few months to get working of course, so don't expect results straight away.

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