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I had a PSA test with a blood test suggested by my doctor for annual medication review in early February . It came back high, just told I will get a hospital appointment to see a urologist, anyway after tests and MRI scan then sudden appointment for a bone scan quick consultant appointment, I guessed they found something, so wasn't a total shock to be told I had Prostate cancer but hadn't spread to the bones, also told about options, I agreed with consultant to robotic radical prostatectomy. Cancer hadn't spread beyond the prostate but they would remove seminal vesicles. however operation is no longer done at my local hospital but carried out at a central London hospital (UCLH Westmoreland Street) . I got an appointment for last Friday 28/4 and spoke consultant number three, he stated I have PSA of 40 and Gleason score 5+4+9, A very aggressive cancer, he also stated it had spread outside the prostate and he would suggest robotic surgery as well, as well a follow up radiotherapy and hormone therapy, Ok I'm happy to go with that, but how much longer am I going to wait for the Op now?

Timeframe from anybody would be of help on this please.

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  • Barry, I had a radical prostatectomy in March 2012 after receiving diagnosis in October 2011. I saw consultant at my local hospital in Jan 2012 when I was offered a prostatectomy. So I waited about two months for the op. I too had the op elsewhere as they don't do it locally. Having said that, my cancer wasn't as aggressive, so it may be that you get your op quicker than that.

    Sorry to hear you got apparently conflicting information. It sounds to me like that one consultant said it hadn't spread i.e. not to BONE and the other said that it had spread, meaning it had spread "locally" i.e. to vesicles and and possibly lymph nodes. The fact that you've been offered a radical prostatectomy, removal of vesicles and probably removal of surrounding tissue suggests that they can get all the cancer cells.

    I think clinicians sometimes deliberately don't tell you everything and they think they have good reason for this, it my opinion, wrongly.

    I don't think they're informative enough and it's a good idea to find out more about it all. There's plenty of information on the internet. Don't be afraid of asking clinicians specific questions.

    After your op, there will be a path lab report on what the surgeon has removed, you will need to know what it says, e.g. the gleason score may change, and they may be able to tell if the cancer cells have grown past the edges of what's been removed - or if they've got them all.

  • I would hope you will have a radical prostatectomy within 2 weeks unless they want to pre-treat you with Androgen Deprivation therapy.

  • Hi Barry,

    Back in August 2015 my wife suggested that I had a PSA test, although I had no aches, pains or any symptoms! PSA was 5. MRI scan was clear. Biopsy showed a Gleason of 8 (pretty aggressive). CT and full bone scans given and all clear with no leakage. I had radical prostatectomy, by robotic keyhole Da-Vinci, at Kent and Canterbury hospital in November 2015. Prostate came out 'in one' I was told. No leakage. Op went well and I was in hospital for just one day. Bag for 8 days and pads for about 6 weeks. Since then the PSA has been 0.1 at 3 monthly checks. Hopefully it will be 0.1 again this afternoon when I get the telephone report about my last PSA test a week ago!

    I do not know what your local hospital is, but the whole process for me was quick and no long delays. It looks as though you are having some delays in treatment. Push the hospital for your treatment very soon!


  • Sorry to hear your news Barry , I hope you manage to get the operation quickly , I think you will . The centre at Westmoreland street is very good lots of good luck Ken

    I will be having my RP on the 18th

  • Good luck with your RP, let us know how you get on, are you having your RP at Westmoreland Street?

  • Found out today from my consultants secretary that my RP is booked for 19th June !!!

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