After Radiation Therapy

After radiation therapy, How long does it take for the PSA level to drop to an acceptable level,assuming that the radiation was successful in killing the cancer cells that were targeted.

The different types of radiation therapy don’t kill all of the cells in the prostate gland, so they’re not expected to cause the PSA to drop to an undetectable level. The remaining normal prostate cells will still make some PSA.

My Radiation was completed March 31. I will be getting a PSA reading April 15. Is this too soon for a PSA test? one would think the PSA level would drop some. Assuming the treatment was successful. But how much??

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  • I had a random PSA check back in August 2015 although I had no symptoms at all but wifey said to have a test. My PSA in August was 5 (the top end of normal for a man in his 70s, I was 74). Fingers up backside showed a small lump. Bio gave Gleason reading of 8 (quite high). CT, MRI and bone scans were clear. I Decided against radiotherapy because of time and distance involved for treatment. I opted for a radical prostatectomy by Da Vinci key hole surgery. Had that in Nov 2015. Since then PSA readings have been un-recordable at 0.1. I can't comment on RT. The main point is that we are all different and opt for different treatments. Stick to it, take the advice of the medics and try not to be TOO worried.


  • I had radiation therapy combined with ADT. The ADT kept PSA very low until 9 months after I stopped ADT and year and 9 months after final radiation treatment. Then the PSA started to rise and the cancer spread. I had Gleason 9 PC which was all over my prostate and since it is very aggressive it is probably different from yours.

    As i understand it the first few PSA tests are meaningless except in establishing a baseline for you. Once you get that baseline you need to worry if the PSA starts to rise.

  • Thank you eggraj8,

    I had no hormone Therapy. The first PSA would be a baseline for future tests, for the cancer that was treated.

    I will not go for any more treatments regardless of what ever PSA readings I get. Just my opinion based on my experience with radiation.

    I hope the best for you.


  • What treatment do you have now? . My PSA six months after my last hormone therapy was 0.02. I had radiotherapy 3 years ago. My oncologist said he expected my PSA to rise to up to 2 but that would be ok. I am concerned that the The cancer will return but the oncologist thinks that unlikely.

  • For PSA to reach its lowest level after radiation takes about two years, and with three monthly tests there's often a single reading which is higher than the previous one before the downward trend resumes. That single elevated reading is called a PSA bump and may be associated with cancer cells finally dying off from the radiation damage and releasing PSA as they die.

    I didn't have radiation therapy and I'm not sure of the significance of the first few PSA readings. Sorry.

  • I finished my radiotherapy on Jan 31st and am due a PSA middle of May for a follow up appointment with onc on 25 May. The nurse who made the appointment after seeing lead radiologist thought this was too early so who knows?

  • I am getting mine 6 weeks after Radiation. I would say there is no definitive time to get one. Different Doctors, different opinions.

  • I was told 6 weeks after your RT treatment finishes, my next PSA test is the 3rd May.

  • No A. D. T. For you yet?

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