Moving from yahoo advanced prostate group to here

Hello Everyone,

I am I hope one of the many moving over from yahoo advanced prostate cancer group. I don't like change ;-) I do the research for my husband Elgie who has prostate cancer and he is miraculously in remission at this time. I hope to see all of our chosen family from our other group and blend in with them and all of you here :) Glad to meet you all.

Most sincere,


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  • Hi Sorry this may seem confusing, but this "tackle" community is different and not ours. Please "follow" . That is where you will find our old Yahoo group ... it's only day three of our migration ... it will be a few more weeks before everyone is here. Thanks for your patience.

  • Thanks so much Darryl ;-)

  • what is the address of the yahoo group???

  • Welcome to our group.

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