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Blood test results never discussed

My doctor refuses to go through my blood tests with me saying I will be told if there is a problem. I ring up and the receptionist mentions the problems so I see the doctor, to be told all is well.

I have been approaching the receptionist for copies saying my rheumatologist wants to discuss them. Last week, I eventually managed to get them online, has taken a year.

The highlighted area where I am either above or below the norm have been changed to a normal score online and there is a mention of a telephone consultation both online and the hospital print out or that I’m being treated for this, but I’m not!

I have Lupus, Fibromyalgia, RA, high blood pressure, serious back problems etc and worried that I am getting worse.

If I try to talk about even asking about blood tests I face an angry doctor.

What would you do?

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Change Dr ASAP , this really isn't good enough.


I had that problem with my doctor and I said it would really help me understand this and cope with this better, if you explained what my results meant, otherwise change doctor!

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My GP said if I change my GP she will have my treatment stopped. I asked my rheumatologist why I’ve never seen or has discussions re my hospital blood tests. He said he doesn’t send them through to the surgery where I could see them as I often have abnormal results flagged up and it causes him to have more paperwork so he keeps them! You couldn’t make it up!


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